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"emmet.triggerExpansionOnTab": true My HTML snippets ending with + do not work? HTML snippets ending with + like select+ and ul+ from the Emmet cheatsheet are not supported. This is a known issue in Emmet 2.0 Issue: emmetio/html-matcher#1. Workaround is to create your own custom Emmet snippets for such scenarios. I am using Sublime Text code editor and I want to download one of the recommended plug-in for Sublime - Emmet for its ability to code HTML+CSS faster Emmet is the extending development of ZenCoding, which is written purely with JavaScript. While in this demonstration I'm going to use Sublime Text, Emmet is also available for many code editors..

<% %> which executes the Ruby code inside it but doesn’t render a return value — affectionately known as snowcones. How Emmet Works. While many of the most popular text editors have some basic form of auto-completion pre-installed; Emmet takes this to a whole new level. After inputting a value within.. In CSS, Emmet supports fuzzy search, meaning you can do things like df then TAB and it will expand into display Multiple Identical Triggers. You can have multiple snippets trigger the same output

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Atom package to extend Emmet's JSX expansions to convert string props to js props. It's like Emmet but multiple lines "emmet.preferences": { "filter.commentAfter": "\n<!-- /<%= attr('id', '#') %><%= attr('class', '.') %> -->" } you would use

Using the up/down arrow keys, choose the snippet you’d like to use and press ​tab​ to insert it into your code​. Closed iansan5653 opened this issue May 3, 2018 · 8 comments Closed Emmet wrapping with multiple selections in single line is extremely buggy and unreliable #49138 iansan5653 opened this issue May 3, 2018 · 8 comments Assignees Labels bug emmet help wanted verified Milestone May 2018 Comments Copy link Quote reply Contributor iansan5653 commented May 3, 2018 VSCode Version: 1.22.2 OS Version: Windows 10 Home v1709 Steps to Reproduce: Emmet (ex-Zen Coding) is an editor plugin for high-speed HTML, XML, XSL (or any other structured code format) coding and editing. The core of this plugin is a powerful abbreviation engine which allows..   Notes are saved with you account but can also be exported as plain text, MS Word, PDF, Google Doc, or Evernote.If there is a language where you do not want to see Emmet expansions, add it in this setting which takes an array of language id strings.

Emmet, écrivez moins, codez plus. Emmet est un plugin qu'on intègre dans un éditeur texte ou un IDE qui permet d'écrire plus rapidement ses codes HTML & CSS. La plus part des éditeurs et IDE web.. For CSS syntax, Emmet has a lot of predefined snippets for properties. For example, you can expand m abbreviation to get margin: ; snippet. But you don’t want just margin property, you want to specify a value for this property. So you have to manually type, let’s say, 10px. ramya-rao-a added the help wanted label May 6, 2018 ramya-rao-a added this to the Backlog milestone May 6, 2018 Copy link Quote reply Contributor Author iansan5653 commented May 7, 2018 @ramya-rao-a I can confirm -- if the selection consists of several lines, each with a single word/phrase selected, it works fine. If the selection consists of multiple words on the same line, even if it also consists of several lines, then the bug occurs. However, the bug doesn't occur on any lines that just have a single selection.Sign inTop StorySubmitCustom VS Code Snippets and Emmet for ERB filesGraham FlaspoehlerFollowOct 17, 2019 · 5 min readIn this post, I walk you through two simple tweaks I made to VS Code that I found really helpful in speeding up development in ERB views files for Rails applications:

Copy link Quote reply Member ramya-rao-a commented May 7, 2018 @iansan5653 Thanks for confirming. The latest Insiders has the live preview of the wrap feature disabled for such cases. Give it a try.If you use the Block Element Modifier (BEM) way of writing HTML, then bem filters are very handy for you to use. To learn more about how to use bem filters, read BEM filter in Emmet.

{ "emmet.preferences": { "css.webkitProperties": "border-right,animation", "css.mozProperties": "", "css.oProperties": null, "css.msProperties": null } } Setting the preference to a comma separated list of CSS properties will ensure that the corresponding prefix gets added only to those CSS properties. Setting the preference to an empty string will ensure that the corresponding prefix doesn't get added to any CSS property. Setting the preference to null will ensure that the default CSS properties for each vendor as documented in Emmet Preferences get used. Using filters Filters are special post-processors that modify the expanded abbreviation before it is output to the editor. There are 2 ways to use filters; either globally through the emmet.syntaxProfiles setting or directly in the current abbreviation.Use space to expand the usual Emmet-shortcuts at the end or press Ctrl-Tab (or other combination of your choice). From the official Emmet website, Emmet is a plugin for many popular text editors which greatly Just go to the end of this line and press tab. Easy cheese! Bonus: Press tab multiple times to travel.. Below is an example of the first approach using the emmet.syntaxProfiles setting to apply the bem filter for all the abbreviations in HTML files:

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Marking this issue as "help-wanted". For folks who want to try and fix the preview feature for such case, undo the changes done in 57d9f26 to get started{ "html": { "snippets": { "ull": "ul>li[id=${1} class=${2}]*2{ Will work with html, pug, haml and slim }", "oll": "<ol><li id=${1} class=${2}> Will only work in html </ol>", "ran": "{ Wrap plain text in curly braces }" } }, "css": { "snippets": { "cb": "color: black", "bsd": "border: 1px solid ${1:red}", "ls": "list-style: ${1}" } } } Authoring of Custom Snippets in Emmet 2.0 via the snippets.json file differs from the old way of doing the same in a few ways:

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You can use this setting to customize Emmet as documented in Emmet Preferences. The below customizations are currently supported:How much time do you spend writing HTML code: all of those tags, attributes, quotes? Or CSS defitions, always repeating similar patterns? Emmet (previously known as Zen Coding) is a web-developer’s toolkit that can greatly improve your HTML & CSS workflow With Emmet feature at Codeanywhere you can type CSS-like expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and produce output depending on what you type in the abbreviation.

Find out how to find and replace sections of code, bookmark your position, leverage helpful shortcuts, edit multiple lines of code simultaneously, and automate some of your work with autocompletion.. This filter adds comments around important tags. By default, "important tags" are those tags with id and/or class attribute. Emmet (who remembers when it was called Zen Coding?) is a very useful code editor tool that brings snippets and supercharged shortcuts for generating HTML/markup and even CSS Use Multiple Selections to rename variables quickly Here Ctrl+D⌘+D is used to select the next occurrence of the current word. Once created, each selection allows for full-featured editing

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Emmet it's the newer incarnation of ZenCoding, a method of quickly generating HTML from CSS-like syntax, and it's neatly integrated into SublimeText and many other popular editors. You can use it to.. To get full use of of all that Emmet has to offer when developing the views in a Rails application, which are ​.erb​ or ​.html.erb​ files, follow these steps to enable Emmet on these file types.

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Join Kevin Yank for an in-depth discussion in this video Emmet, part of Learning Sublime Text 3. If set to true, then Emmet suggestions will be grouped along with other snippets allowing you to order them as per editor.snippetSuggestions setting. Set this to true and editor.snippetSuggestions to top, to ensure that Emmet suggestions always show up on top among other suggestions."emmet.triggerExpansionOnTab": true This setting allows using the Tab key for indentation when text is not an Emmet abbreviation.

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By clicking “Sign up for GitHub”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails.Note the ​$1​ between the ERB tags within the snippet bodies on lines 4, 12, and 20. These are tabstops, which specify where your cursor should jump to after the snippet has been inserted.

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Emmetの魅力のひとつとして、ショートカットの展開があげられますが、これを自分なりにカスタマイズ(スニペット登録)したいと思ってくると思います。 この指定方法を二つご紹介します Before we get into what is Emmet and how to use it, let me talk why i choose VS code as my Text Editor/ IDE (yeah you can call it an IDE as it has almost all the capabilities of an IDE)

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See Emmet Customization of output profile to learn how you can customize the output of your HTML abbreviations. ramya-rao-a added bug emmet and removed editor editor-wrapping labels May 6, 2018 ramya-rao-a added a commit that referenced this issue May 6, 2018 Disable live preview of wrap feature when multiple selections in same… … Loading status checks… 57d9f26 … line #49138 Copy link Quote reply Member ramya-rao-a commented May 6, 2018 • edited @iansan5653 I have pushed a change to disable the live preview feature when there are multiple selections in the same line. This should unblock you from using the wrap feature. How to expand Emmet abbreviations and snippets. Emmet abbreviation and snippet expansions are enabled by default in html, haml, pug, slim, jsx, xml, xsl, css, scss, sass, less and stylus files

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Add the following setting to enable expanding of Emmet abbreviations using tab which will expand custom tags in all cases. Emmet takes care of all that. It magically expands abbreviations into a whole HTML or CSS structure. The syntax it uses for these abbreviations is inspired from CSS selectors Emmet One Line. by Rostislav Nazmeev ALL. EmmetOneLine is a Sublime Text plugin which allows you to expand multiple css-properties with a space key and a time to deploy them with Emmet Awesome Vim plugins from across the universe..

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  1. Using multiple selections to edit multiple lines and large amounts of text. Autocompleting code. Video: Emmet. This movie is locked and only viewable to logged-in members
  2. CSS custom snippets are applicable to all other stylesheet flavors like scss, less or sass. Therefore, don't include a trailing ; at the end of the snippet value. Emmet will add it as needed based on whether the language requires it.
  3. I recently installed Emmet and hated that the ctrl+e end of line keybinding was overridden. If anyone else runs into the issue, here is how you fix it: Open an HTML file so Emmet is active
  4. Справочник сокращений EMMET. fig figc ftr hdr mn marquee menu:context, menu:c menu:toolbar, menu:t out prog ri:dpr, ri:d ri:viewport, ri:v ri:art, ri text-decoration:line-through; to:n text-outline:non
  5. Clone or download git repository into your packages folder (in Sublime Text, find 'Browse Packages…' menu item to open this folder)

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Prefix your CSS abbreviations with - to get all applicable vendor prefixes included in the expanded abbreviation."emmet.showExpandedAbbreviation": "inMarkupAndStylesheetFilesOnly" Note: If you used emmet.syntaxProfiles previously to map new file types, from VS Code 1.15 onwards you should use the setting emmet.includeLanguages instead. emmet.syntaxProfiles is meant for customizing the final output only."emmet.showExpandedAbbreviation": "never" You can still use the command Emmet: Expand Abbreviation to expand your abbreviations. You can also bind any keyboard shortcut to the command id editor.emmet.action.expandAbbreviation as well.

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Emmet abbreviation and snippet expansions are enabled by default in html, haml, pug, slim, jsx, xml, xsl, css, scss, sass, less and stylus files. As well as any language that inherits from any of the above like handlebars and php.For example, when you type li, you get suggestions for all emmet snippets starting with li like link, link:css , link:favicon etc. This is helpful in learning Emmet snippets that you never knew existed unless you knew the Emmet cheatsheet by heart. Emmet is a web-developer's toolkit for boosting HTML & CSS code writing. With Emmet, you can type expressions (abbreviations) similar to CSS selectors and convert them into code fragment with a.. "emmet.preferences": { "filter.commentAfter": "\n<!-- /[#ID][.CLASS] -->" } Trim filter (t) This filter is applicable only when providing abbreviations for the Emmet: Wrap Individual Lines with Abbreviation command. It removes line markers from wrapped lines.If you have any logical errors in your code Codeanywhere will alert you so you can easily find and fix them.

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  1. What are Emmet, Sass, and Sublime Text? How do they work? Why should I use them? Place multiple cursors to edit multiple lines or attributes at the same time
  2. Emmet is amazing time-saving tool to streamline your development process. Here are the best Emmet, previously known as Zen Coding, is one of best tool you should have to increase your..
  3. Automatic code completion finalizes variable names, classes, methods and PHP keywords. All standard PHP functions have nice documentation helper shown next to autocomplete list panel.
  4. There hasn't been any good code completion for PHP for a long time. Now we have finally added a real code analysis algorithm that scans your opened PHP files and creates logical code completion results that will help you create your code much faster than before.
  5. In the example below, I use Emmet to pretty quickly generate an HTML skeleton along with a few other elements without having to worry about typos or forgetting to close tags, all while saving myself a ton of repetitive keystrokes.
  6. User snippets in VS Code are stored in language-specific JSON files, which you can access under ​Code > Preferences > User Snippets, and then by searching for the file that corresponds to the language you’re writing the snippet for.

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When you start typing an Emmet abbreviation, you will see the abbreviation displayed in the suggestion list. If you have the suggestion documentation fly-out open, you will see a preview of the expansion as you type. If you are in a stylesheet file, the expanded abbreviation shows up in the suggestion list sorted among the other CSS suggestions."emmet.preferences": { "filter.commentAfter": "\n<!-- /<%= attr('id', '#') %><%= attr('class', '.') %> -->" } in VS Code, you would use a simpler: Emmet Lite is a powerful free WordPress business theme used by thousands of solopreneurs and agencies worldwide. You'll enjoy a straightforward one-page style design, without any clutter and.. <div> <div id="page"> <p class="title"></p> <!-- /.title --> <p></p> </div> <!-- /#page --> </div> You can customize this filter by using the filter.commentTrigger, filter.commentAfter and filter.commentBefore preferences as documented in Emmet Preferences.

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If you were defining a snippet that has multiple locations your cursor should visit, you can define these by numbering tabstops sequentially and using the​tab​key to navigate between them once the snippet is inserted. So your cursor would first visit tabstop ​$1​, followed by $2​, then ​$3​ and so on, with ​$0​ denoting the last place your cursor should visit.Emmet automatically inserts the opening and closing element tags along with any attributes the element might require. It also automatically places your cursor at the first point in the element at which you need to enter content, allowing you to ​tab​ between those different insertion points if there is more than one. Creating multiple tags, each with the same text in it also works fine (select text -> C-c w -> ul>li*3 will create a ul with 3 items, each one has the selected text in it). Supposedly the * operator (without a..

Below is the code for the three snippets demonstrated in the gif above. Feel free to paste it into your ​erb.json​ file and tinker with it as you see fit. However, Emmet got some cool features like syntax abbreviation, improves HTML, CSS workflow. Using Emmet we can quickly write a bunch of code, wrap code wit new tags. Your favorite may be.. Emmet uses syntax similar to CSS selectors for describing elements' positions inside generated tree Parenthesises are used by Emmets' power users for grouping subtrees in complex abbreviation The prefixes​“snowcone”​, “squid”​, and “cmmt”​ are being used to trigger each of these snippets, respectively. I chose to use these prefixes, because they make sense to me sense to me intuitively, but these snippets will work just fine if different prefixes make more sense to you.

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  1. "emmet.syntaxProfiles": { "html": { "attr_quotes": "single" }, "jsx": { "self_closing_tag": true } } emmet.variables
  2. When I type the following in sublime text 2 with emmet: .one>label{foo}+input:r. I get one long line of code. This is why it produces single-line output - Sergey Chikuyonok Feb 14 '14 at 13:26
  3. Abbreviations are the heart of the Emmet toolkit: these special expressions are parsed in runtime and transformed into structured code block, HTML for example. The abbreviation’s syntax looks like CSS selectors with a few extensions specific to code generation. So every web-developer already knows how to use it.
  4. Invoke Emmet > Wrap Individual Lines With Abbreviation Type something, then b... ramya-rao-a changed the title Emmet wrapping with multiple selections is extremely buggy and unreliable Emmet..
  5. Emmet (formerly Zen Coding) is a set of plug-ins for text editors that allow for high-speed coding and editing in HTML, XML, XSL, and other structured code formats via content assist. The project was started by Vadim Makeev in 2008 and continues to be actively developed by Sergey Chikuyonok and..
  6. Note: After making changes to the snippets.json file, remember to reload VS Code for it to take effect.

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You are now leaving Lynda.com and will be automatically redirected to LinkedIn Learning to access your learning content.We are happy to announce that Codeanywhere now includes multiple cursor/selection support. You can now create multiple cursors and selections in order to make lots of similar edits at once. It’s useful for things like adding the same text in multiple places or quickly renaming a variable. Emmet: One Single Line to a Web Page02:08. JAVASCRIPT: Multiple Terminals & Custom Keybindings05:21. JAVASCRIPT: ESLint Set up Like a Pro03:14

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Emmet, dirty scumbags from southern Ireland, not a knacker or a chav but close. One who uses cheap pick up lines to get humiliated and wears a kurt russell t-shirt symbolising his love for him 2. Search for Emmet and under the option Emmet: Include Languages, follow the link to Edit in settings.jsonProvide the location of the directory that houses the snippets.json file which in turn has your custom snippets.

Multiple Cursors and Selections. We are happy to announce that Codeanywhere now includes Abbreviations are the heart of the Emmet toolkit: these special expressions are parsed in runtime and.. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. As you begin to type out the name of the tag, an inline popup appears with one or more Emmet snippets that correspond to what you’ve typed so far. If you want multiple lines, you can do one of the following: Repeat the above form as many extra lines as you want

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  1. This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course.
  2. Set this to true to enable expanding Emmet abbreviations with Tab key. We use this setting to provide the appropriate fallback to provide indentation when there is no abbreviation to expand.
  3. Emmet is a pretty cool tool that helps you write HTML very very fast. It's like magic. Emmet is not something new, it's been around for years and there is a plugin for every editor out there

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  2. Let me show you how that works.…Let's say I wanted to create an unordered list…and I wanted to give it an ID of nav.…You can see I've just typed this out as if it were…a CSS selector, but I'm working in an HTML file.…What I'm typing here is an Emmet abbreviation…that I will then expand into full HTML code.…I'll keep typing this.…Inside my unordered list, I would like a list item,…and in fact I would like four list items, so times four.…
  3. Is there a way using Emmet to highlight and wrap the following lines: This is a title This is a subtitle This is the sentence below the subtitle
  4. Ayyo Movies launched a new design of Smart TV application. The main goal of the update — to create a new interface to the Smart TV applications, based on user behavior in the old version Ayyo..
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Below, I’ll walk you through the process of defining three snippets for tags you’ll use frequently when writing ERB templates:Emmet can greatly optimize your workflow here: you can inject value directly into abbreviation. To get margin: 10px; you can simply expand the m10abbreviation. Want multiple values? Use a hypen to separate them: m10-20 expands to margin: 10px 20px;. Negative values? No problem: precede the first value with hyphen and all the rest with double hyphens: m-10--20 expands to margin: -10px -20px; Merge Lines. Update Image Size. Evaluate Math Expression. More developer tools: Emmet LiveStyle. Real-time bi-directional edit tool for CSS, LESS and SCSS EmmetOneLine is a Sublime Text plugin which allows you to expand multiple css-properties with a space key and a time to deploy them with Emmet.

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And by multi-line editing, I mean being able to expand your cursor across multiple-lines, and being able to type, and that whatever you have typed replicates over all lines you have selected Join the growing community of over ... businesses and professionals that already use Codeanywhere on a daily basis, and you can start coding from anywhere for free. Ansible lineinfile multiple lines, In this post we are going to see how to replace multiple matching lines and use multiple regular expressions or regex in ansible lineinfile. How to replace line in file using.. Wir haben gerade eine große Anzahl von Anfragen aus deinem Netzwerk erhalten und mussten deinen Zugriff auf YouTube deshalb unterbrechen.The quickef="|"><p>foxck</a>foxfox<p>the lazy="|">fox</a>e lazyb>the <a href="|">the lazy</a> dog. rebornix assigned ramya-rao-a May 4, 2018 ramya-rao-a changed the title Emmet wrapping with multiple selections is extremely buggy and unreliable Emmet wrapping with multiple selections in single line is extremely buggy and unreliable May 6, 2018 Copy link Quote reply Member ramya-rao-a commented May 6, 2018 • edited Thanks for reporting and for the detailed example! I've noticed that the issue is restricted to when the multiple selections are in a single line. Can you confirm?

"emmet.preferences": { "filter.commentAfter": "\n<!-- /[#ID][.CLASS] -->" } If you want support for any of the other preferences as documented in Emmet Preferences, please log a feature request. Copy link Quote reply Contributor gushuro commented May 8, 2018 Good catch! Hadn't thought about this particular case. @jeanp413 let me know if you need any guidance through the code.For example, for an unordered list with a list item, if your snippet value is ul>li, you can use the same snippet in html, haml, pug or slim, but if your snippet value is <ul><li></li></ul>, then it will work only in html files. Emmet is an open source project under the MIT License, so everyone willing to help can improve it. To use Emmet you just need to write a special expression that will be extended to adequate blocks of.. If you have disabled the editor.quickSuggestions setting, you won't see suggestions as you type. You can still trigger suggestions manually by pressing ⌃Space (Windows, Linux Ctrl+Space) and see the preview.

This is where Emmet comes in. Emmet allows you to simply type div and hit the tab key. It is automatically expanded out into a full HTML div tag. This works for any HTML tag. You can add an id.. Enabling Emmet in ERB files. Defining Your Own Custom Snippets for ERB tags. Note the $1 between the ERB tags within the snippet bodies on lines 4, 12, and 20 jeanp413 added a commit to jeanp413/vscode that referenced this issue May 9, 2018 Fixes microsoft#49138 d92f85d jeanp413 mentioned this issue May 9, 2018 Fix for #49138 #49501 Merged Copy link Quote reply Member ramya-rao-a commented May 14, 2018 Fixed by @jeanp413 with #49501Custom tags when used in an expression like MyTag>YourTag or MyTag.someclass do show up in the suggestion list. But when these are used on their own like MyTag, they do not appear in the suggestion list. This is designed so to avoid noise in the suggestion list as every word is a potential custom tag.

Dr. Emmet Vale is a scientist working for LexCorp Industries. Dr. Emmet Vale was working with a piece of Kryptonite found in the World Engine site. He and his team exposed General Zod's corpse to the mineral and discovered that Kryptonian cells decayed when in contact with the Kryptonite Emmet was created as an accessible and handy Notepad++ plugin for web-developers. Emmet is a lightweight toolkit that can be used to improve the HTML and CSS workflow In a single line of writing emmet syntax/abbreviations, you can save yourself from writing hundreds of characters and multiple lines of HTML Learn how to edit multiple lines in Sublime Text. Sublime Text Emmet (Tutorial #7) - Продолжительность: 13:32 LearnWebCode 95 945 просмотров Emmet is available for all major code editors! It even works in places like Code Pen and JS Fiddle. Once you begin using Emmet you'll wonder how you lived without it

This small Sublime Text plugin allows you to type a few css-property by a space and a time to deploy them with Emmet. ramya-rao-a closed this May 14, 2018 ramya-rao-a modified the milestones: Backlog, May 2018 May 14, 2018 ramya-rao-a added a commit that referenced this issue May 14, 2018 Fix for #49138 (#49501) … Loading status checks… 7f27412 * Fixes #49138 * Updated comment * Renaming variables for readability chrmarti added the verified label May 31, 2018 vscodebot bot locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jun 28, 2018 Sign up for free to subscribe to this conversation on GitHub. Already have an account? Sign in. Assignees ramya-rao-a ...can be transformed into <div id="page">    <div class="logo"></div>    <ul id="navigation">        <li><a href="">Item 1</a></li>        <li><a href="">Item 2</a></li>        <li><a href="">Item 3</a></li>        <li><a href="">Item 4</a></li>        <li><a href="">Item 5</a></li>    </ul></div> ...with just a single key stroke (Tab key)

Emmet support is built right into Visual Studio Code, no extension is required. Emmet 2.0 has support for the majority of the Emmet Actions including expanding Emmet abbreviations and snippets. Emmet, the latest update of the Zen Coding plugin, is authored by Sergey Chikuyonok, the Russian front-end web-developer and writer. When added to your coding text editor.. Is there a way using Emmet to highlight and wrap the following lines: This is a title This is a subtitle This is the sentence below the subtitle Emmet is an editor plugin for quickly entering HTML, XML, and CSS. It also supports many actions that operate select lines and cmd-A. <emmet-leader> comma in visual mode. balance tag outward

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Emmet is the latest incarnation of an on-going open source project by Russian coder, Sergey On a blank line, enter the letter p. Press Tab. Your single letter—an Emmet abbreviation—has been.. HTML custom snippets are applicable to all other markup flavors like haml or pug. When snippet value is an abbreviation and not actual HTML, the appropriate transformations can be applied to get the right output as per the language type.@gushuro The logic that calculates the preview range is not quite right when there are multiple selections in the same line and is causing this issue.Below are a few examples of how you can control which vendors get applied to which CSS property by updating the emmet.preferences setting:

Start your free month on LinkedIn Learning, which now features 100% of Lynda.com courses. Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics. Save keystrokes with Emmet (ZEN-coding) plugin. You can learn more about Emmet here. Emulate preview on multiple devices. Have preview constantly open on your second monitor

How to expand Emmet abbreviations and snippets. Emmet abbreviation and snippet expansions are enabled by default in html, haml, pug, slim, jsx, xml, xsl, css, scss, sass, less and stylus files With multiple cursor/selection support, you can now use shortcuts that you are used to in Sublime Text (selecting next occurance, splitting selections, swaping lines and more). vscodebot bot added editor editor-wrapping labels May 3, 2018 Copy link Quote reply Contributor Author iansan5653 commented May 3, 2018 Here's an example:You can customize this filter by using the bem.elementSeparator and bem.modifierSeparator preferences as documented in Emmet Preferences."emmet.syntaxProfiles": { "html": { "filters": "bem" } } To provide a filter for just the current abbreviation, append the filter to your abbreviation. For example, div#page|c will apply the comment filter to the div#page abbreviation.

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