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His father is German born in Brazil, but raised in the U.S. But since Kai was born in America and his dad was raised, I just put him as half American.That’s why it says “possible position”…it’s rumoured that he’s the visual. Positions will be updated when BigHit announces them.다른 표현을 사용해주시기 바랍니다. 건전한 인터넷 문화 조성을 위해 회원님의 적극적인 협조를 부탁드립니다.the visual hasn’t been confirmed yet and if the visual were to be confirmed, according to korean beauty standards either beomgyu or taehyun would get that positionThank you for all of the info, it’s been updated to their solo profiles 🙂 I may have forgotten Taehyun and Kai’s, but I will update when I get the chance, because I got busy the past few days and I wasn’t able to update.

2002 is indeed the year of Horse, but the Chinese new year starts later than the normal calendar year, so only in the end of February Taehyun is born in 5 February 2002 when the year of Horse didn’t start yet, cause it only started at the end of February please use a Chinese Zodiac calculator (especially for the idols born in January or February) https://www.chinahighlights.com/travelguide/chinese-zodiac/chinese-zodiac-calculator.htm#goCheckSoobin & gyeongtae used to dance each other ? Are they back dancer or friend or? It’s nice to know this ><

Sorry but i think you made a typo in Kai’s height which is the same as Yeonjun’s 181.5 not 181.1 and if Soobin is 185 cm then it should be 6’1″ not 6’0″ :-/ Thank you for prodiving us this profile :))He’s not the fake maknae. They both are maknaes. Intl fans usually just dub the absolute youngest member as the maknae, but the title can go to more than one member. Since in Korea you age on Lunar New Year, people born in the same lunar year are the same age. For example, if you watch when Gfriend’s SinB was on King of Masked Singer, the host asked her if she was the maknae and she said yes. Umji is known as the maknae to intl fans, but Koreans will consider both to be the youngest because they’re born in the same year

He really does remind me of Kevin too, also Taehyun kind of looks like Park Kyung when he smiles…Here are the pictures I took, you may want to translate them, and I sadly didn’t get Soobin because he was there and gone before I knew it anyways here are the othersEverybody speak about your positions and nobody speak how Kang Taehyun is so unpopular and underrated! Sad!I love you Kai! He speak Portuguese and i speak too… I am Brazilian and my great grandfather is Italian

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  1. -Takes the vocal lead in songs by singing before the main vocalist during verses. (Not really but they share the same lines just like on Crown, Kai may comes before Taehyun or Taehyun may comes before Kai)
  2. They r all visuals to me tbh xD but i think it will be either an official visual (Beomgyu) or a main dancer so yeonjun or beomgyu
  3. Notes: -Yeonjun is the inarguable Main Rapper and Main Dancer -Taehyun is the obvious Main Vocalist for me. Hueningkai is #2, and could be considered a Main Vocalist too, but I think that in a 5 man group like them where everybody sings there should only be 1 official Main Vocalist. -Hard to tell who the true Center is, but from what I’ve seen it’s between Yeonjun and Beomgyu. -Also hard to decide who else will get the “Lead Dancer” title since they’re all really solid. You could pretty much call them all Lead Dancers, but someone’s gonna have to get left out.
  4. For proof, if you watch when SinB was revealed on King of Masked Singer, after her performance, the host asked if she was the maknae of Gfriend and she said yes, even though Umji is physically the youngest. They’re both born in 1998, so they’re the same age and, therefore, both maknaes
  5. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/784eb6af1b1b67a3262a03e1ed578b5505a1fe4df514961388c28ede2f623944.jpg

my brother does that it creeps me out we used to have bunk beds he’d sleep bottom and i’d sleep top in the mornings i wake up first and hes there with his eyes opened and still to this day i am haunted by the memoryI’m not ot1 or hater and for me Soobin really suits the Center position. His heights, his body measurements… When I saw him on stage i feel saturated..Like the aura of other boy group centers??? Mmm It really should have been given to him i think Bighit couldn’t do things right…..It’s different, BigHit does not have a reputation for having multiple groups. SM, JYP and YG have had multiple artists and groups for a long time. So stans of those labels are accustomed to new groups debuting, because it’s only natural for such a large company. Plus, BTS is a lot bigger internationally than any other group, so there are bound to be more toxic fans in general who can’t accept change. In fact, it’s hardly “change” just another addition really.

There was a fansigning and a fan ask him if he was a backup dancer for bts (v) he said thst he never dance for themIt doesn’t mean that if you have most lines, you have considered as a main vocal…….. like nayeon she have most lines in Twice but she is only Lead Vocalist…………Taehyun’s birthday is on February 5, 2002 (2 hours and 37 minutes from now). He confirmed it in TXT’S official fansite.

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  1. Then y u say something bad to them,girl u just make yourself stupid here,and im not hurt,u always say that..so second proof is you are the one who hurt here😂😉😊
  2. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1dc02592114d43e21d1d3e19ced01256f4fe3e3c483fe179277ac7d21f28ae1d.jpg
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Soobin is also rapper and dancer. In cat dog era he got rapping part and harder dance moves in choreography.. Beomgyu is also dancer and Yeonjun too And i think txt dont have a main visual member, kai beomgyu and soobin should be in visual line And according the google trends YeonBin’s popularity is; (Soobin is more popular from debut im sorry) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a248386c6f1e24e4bd1e4017edd3d0a285b48bc1f6222d55624e1a1f0bb3188b.pngIn the ‘Cat and Dog’ photos I believe Yeonjun is holding a Chartreux (correct me if I’m wrong). Soobin’s obviously is holding a white rabbit. Beomgyu and Huening Kai I think are holding poodles. Taehyun, I think is holding a Ragdoll I’m pretty sure.Wait. You just said that there is no such thing as visuals. Lmaoo, So is there or is there not a position called “Visual”? Cause last time I checked, there is a position called “visual”. So are you changing your story? Or like…?

Yeonjun : Apple Soobin : Mangosteen (this is already in Soobin’s facts but I’ll still list this here lol) Beomgyu : Strawberry Taehyun : Mango Huening Kai : Pineappleyeonjun is not in singularity mv?? sorry if i sound rude but i just checked and he’s not in music video at all. sorry if english is bad, i still studying ^^;;I’m curious. If people in Korea do not age one their birthdays, then why did Jungkook get a cake with “22” on the top of it on his last birthday?

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Wrong https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/eeff76ccd846ce83d033bf1c1b041a011319b661ad0eb8d24ec20fec173674bc.jpgSo sad I don’t understand how Taehyun is so unpopular but I have one theory, if you watch MV Taehyun have no a great presence, I feel like him was forgettable, just watch when the photos them pass in MV, the Taehyun photos pass so fast, you almost can not see him and he is so reserved but I think this is not reason to don’t like himSoobin doesn’t use iPhone since it cracks easily but he’s willing to change to one next time for fans.I HAVE SOME GERMAN IN MY BLOOD I HAVE A OLDER SISTER AND A YOUNGER BROTHER I MEAN WHY NOT LIKE KAI? #ilovekaiP.S: Sorry Yeonjun is everything haha. Here are reasons for Yeonjun’s. Yeonjun gets more rap lines than Soobin and Soobin hasn’t really shown much rapping skills as well… So that’s why I chose Yeonjun as the main Rapper. Main Dancer, we all know haha. He might be the lead dancer though. But all the members say that he is the best so that’s why I went with main dancer. Lead vocalist, his singing skills is amazing and on point. Visual, he looks a bit like V from BTS, that is why he is a visual to me. Beomgyu is also the main dancer (IMO). There can be more than 1 main dancers

The ranking in these pages doesn’t determine the “least popular” lol. Look at Itzy’s page, the moat voted is Ryujin but the most popular ao far are Yeyi and Yuna! So this poll doesn’t really matter! Don’t be sad. I believe when they debut Taehyun and Kai will become the most popularFor this help fix it another profiles too because this is the right and stop to provocatw future errorshttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bddd98406a0b9a4324e4d64657fb93507f5702395eb64cf085c5c4ad273c199d.pnghttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/802bda322d67d3f646fa2350977e07afec3fd5c734c54aeb758a80dfef203820.png

Taehyun’s birthday falls on the same date and day as that of Park Jisung of NCT. They are same age buddiesThen don’t join. Why not joining a fandom looks like you’re about to make a big declaration. Lol.no one’s fighting- it’s just about who fits the standards more. people who don’t fit the korean beauty standards as much (for example jhope, hes very attractive but not according to the korean beauty standard) as others don’t have the potential to be visuals because it wouldnt make any sense.no, Big Hit revised the fandom name because it was taken by another celebrity’s fandom. They will announce the new fandom name shortly, probably after their US showcases (just my guess).

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They say they’re BTS fakes or something, and that’s all a load of bs. I mean, look at labels like SM, YG or JYP, they all have loads of idol groups and NCT doesn’t get hate for being “Super Junior fakes”. It’s stupidI’m kind of confused who is the youngest Because Taehyun is born is 2002 too and his month is on February.TXT don’t have set positions (main/lead/sub) and it will never happen. BigHit confirmed this. I am saying again BigHit confirmed this. So please don’t extend. The only things are confirmed: Soobin is leader, Beomgyu is center and visual, Taehyun and Kai are maknaes and their positions changes each song/comeback.they look like a cute concept boy group which makes me hurl but im feeling the amount of rapper whoop!

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  1. 1, I will not update anything regaurding main vocal, main rapper, etc until the members or BigHit announces it.
  2. 首页 登陆. 立即注册..
  3. dset, just think that other members’ popularity increased instead of one decreasing. I mean, why make so much fuss over a small difference in voting? Besides, if anything is strange it would be the huuuuge gap between taehyun’s votes. Like, he’s getting popular too, way popular than before and yet his votes stay the same :((
  4. Basically new rookie groups are being called “fake” idol groups. For example, TXT is being called the “fake BTS”. It doesn’t make any sense. Because, BTS’s and TXT’s type of style is different.
  5. Yea,yea,but actually the fact is soobin just can dance fast,he can’t do clean,we all can see when they perform in stage n dance practice also,soobin style just fast,but at move yeonjun and beomgyu more clear and clean,haha like a foundation,even the best dencer said..when u dance,your dance move need more clean then your power speed,if your dance move clean,then if u make it fast,it will be more perfect
  6. I completely understand your point of you. But what? He did global audition? I didn’t know about that
  7. g a big ordeal. And along with impulse control issues, when someone replies, I have to reply back. I literally cannot help it. Especially when people started accusing me of doing it for attention and saying I was attacking someone when I was simply trying to bring awareness that a lot of the stuff floating around about them has indeed been gathered by people who stalked the boys.

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Alright let’s just end this now please. I have a headache and I’m sick with a cold. The info is not being removed, instead a disclaimer will be put at the bottom temporarily until the info is confirmed.And i Don’t understand people say he look like Jungkook,he even never look like Jungkook,he mostly look like Kevin+minhyuk

I think Kai is Korean-Brazilian? I say, he was just born in Hawaii, but his father is Brazilian (descendant of Germans) and his mother is koreanKissOnTheLip do you hate Huening Kai or do you have anything against him…I see you on the upper section of the comment arguing about Taehyun’s and HueningKai position..and here you’re arguing with someone that Huening’s not the visual…Come on girl,you don’t know anything.We are well aware that their positions are not accurate and they can change within time but you don’t have to go there and say Huening’s not the visual or that he is not the main vocalist.I am not sure about his visual position but he got a really exotic face so he might actually be the visual… Secondly he is definitely the Main vocalist because of his vocal performance in their title and b-side songs… I’ve read that your bias is Beomgyu qnd I think that’s the reason why you don’t accept HueningKai as the visual… But wait, if you are a true fan and if I am really a true fan of TXT, we should be getting along well so I hope you don’t, get salty about my commenthttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fb661e72ade3cc97d01c88d568d81220d5e35ee7ba97e7f2f009c51e36e917c0.jpg Kai only has one older sister and a younger sister. His father posted this on Facebook back in 2016!They look so incredibly similar facially! Not a bad thing — I think they will do very well to be honest. Yeonjun’s slight facial similarity a little to V, and Beomgyu’s slight facial similar to Jin, help a lot.

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am i the only one that thinks soobin is a great dancer…? he dances really well for someone that is really tall. can’t wait to see him improve more, his height could be a big advantage.I Need to Know You Soobin’s not Main Dance. Dance Line Already Yeonjun and Beomgyu. Main Dance Yeonjun and Lead Dance Beomgyuthis is stranger, both maknaes are so unpopular (but Taehyun a lot), in BTS the maknaes are most popular and I don’t understand this, and J hope it’s not maknae so it’s normal he being unpopular but not makes sense about Taehyun but OK, it’s the begin after the things can change it!의류 회사의 영업사원으로 근무하는 그레고르 잠자는 어느 날 아침 침대에서 눈을 뜨고는 자신이 거대한 벌레로 변해 버렸다는 것을 깨닫는다. 갑작스런 일에 당황하면서도, 그는 조금 더 자 보려 하지만, 수면에 편안한 자세를 취할 수 없었다. 그는 등껍질을 침대에 대고 누운 상태에서, 지금 하고 있는 일을 여러모로 불만스럽게 생각한다. 출장으로 말미암은 스트레스를 많이 받는데, 기차를 갈아타야 하는 시간에 늦지 않도록 늘 신경을 써야 하고, 짧은 틈을 이용해서 끼니를 해결해야 하며, 상대할 고객들은 계속 바뀌어 깊이 사귈 수도 없기에 대인 관계에 항상 신경을 곤두세워야만 하기 때문이다. 이른 기상 역시 불만스런 일이며, '잠자리에서 일찍 일어난다는 건 인간을 바보로 만든단 말이야. 인간은 충분한 수면이 필요하거든' 그레고르는 생각한다. 그러나 부모님이 사업 실패 때문에 사장에게 거액의 빚을 지고 있기 때문에, 빚을 청산할 때까지는 일을 그만둘 수 없는 상황이다.

But I care for my friends and she doesn’t want me to do anything to stop them. I care for the people I don’t like but if they start messing with my friends then I have to tell or show them that it’s not ok, I will do the same for idols. So, it’s not ok to bully idols because they’re “wannabes”. Not everything is about your favorite idol. I Stan bts but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to hate Taehyun and Huening Kai because of their names. That makes me embarrassed to be a human. And mostly Americans, not saying all do this but most, are really judging. If I go to a foreign place with another American that isn’t behaving properly, I would be embarrassed to say I’m also American.Why would there be only one rapper? I don’t even think a group can have a main rapper and no lead rapper. Hueningkai has rapped so he’s gonna get a rapper position, wether he’ll still be rapping in their comebacks or not.

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  1. Same as Bts case people use to say that whole makane line is overrated nd all the stuff but Stan’s don’t care for haters…..nd now people r saying Yeonjun is overrated nd all+ haters r even bother why his Twitter uploaded pic get most likes nd retweets😂😂…so it doesn’t matters. PEOPLE LOVE HIM MOST😍 Conclusion- Most popular Always have haters I guess we shouldn’t be bother
  2. Namjoon of BTS is 181 cm and is 5’11”. 181.5 cm is half an inch taller than Namjoon making it 5’11”
  3. Btw u are so sad,how u can hold to pick bias just because want to see them be the most popular,u are so funny😂😂

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The accounts aren’t confirmed to be real. Especially because the uploaded posts are from their official Twitter ^^이용자 분들이 홍보성 도배, 스팸 게시물로 불편을 겪지 않도록 다음과 같은 경우 해당 게시물 등록이 일시적으로 제한됩니다.Yeonjun said in his mnet video that he was number 1 in dancing, rapping and singing at the company. He’s a triple threat.I’m only saying this because I know I’m not the only in the comments that saw it that way. So I’m sure there will be more. SRT to TXT converter is an online tool used to convert subtitles in the Subrip (SRT) file format to plain text format. Timestamps and other effects are removed from the output

soobin has been confirmed as the leader if i recall correctly? (in their debut celebration part 1 vlive) it said “leader’s struggle with bare feet to become a king” in his cam during their challenge.Majority agrees tbh many have questioned why they made Kai visual. Don’t get me wrong he looks quite good in certain angles. But like some have said Soobin should have been labelled visual. If not him than TaehyunAre you really a txt fan? You’re being rude to the members. They’re all talented in different ways and they are unique. So why compare them?? You bring shame to our fandom

korean standards don’t really matter that much anymore. Kai has the most perfect face so he is the visual. Look at seventeen, Vernon doesn’t fit the korean standards yet he is one of the visuals in the group soit was hard but i finally decided bias? soobin. bias wrecker? heuning kai honestly choosing one member of txt to be my bias and the other to be my bias wrecker was almost impossible. but i finally picked one after thinking about it for maybe a day. and usually, i never do change my bias so i guess soobin it is! 🙂

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Him and Kai would be technically both be considered maknae’s since they’re a few months apart, but because Kai is actually the youngest of all 5, he’s the real maknae.I didn’t say he wasn’t gonna be talented. I just said you shouldn’t assume he is just because it’s confirmed he can play different instruments. You said in your comment that I shouldn’t compare myself to an idol who practiced for a long time. However, I was comparing the skill of playing an instrument, something that isn’t really included in the schedule of trainees. They only practice dance/rap/vocal. And to respond to your statement that not a lot of idols play an instrument, here are the instruments members of NCT can play (I’m an NCTzen as well as an Army): Mark (guitar), Taeil (guitar, basic piano), Haechan (piano), Kun (piano), Johnny (piano), Doyoung (flute), Chenle (piano), Jeno (guitar, violin), Jaehyun (piano), Jaemin (piano), Ten (piano) and Xiaojun (ukulele, drums, guitar, piano). That’s 12 out of 21 members and they’re all really good at playing those instruments.i love their song veryyyy much…. and i’m also happy they are with BTS i’m very happy very much….. the have brothers now … it’s make me feel so happy …. also ther are very beautiful i can’t believe my eyes … how can they be soooo beautiful like this

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  1. They just revealed the birthdates, Kai is the youngest. Taehyun was born in Feb 2002, while Kai is Aug 2002.
  2. no i know exactly how the chinese calendar works, i just thought he was born early january, sorry for the confusion lol
  3. bts has their main center, visual and face as different people so kai will probably be the main visual
  4. Yep BTS- makane line was always most popular since their debut Txt-hyung line since their debut People r just jealous chill most popular always have haters so chill🍸🍸
  5. What do you know about visuals? How do you know if his attitude is overrated? How do you know he is “nothing”? Sometimes people think they have the decency to judge people based off of looks and attitudes when really they don’t know what the hell they are talking about. 🍵
  6. I don’t think Yeonjun looks like V at all! Their features are so different. I’ve no problem with people having an opinion but sometimes they go too far like I saw many comments stating that he looks like vkook’s kid and I was “WTF?” He doesn’t look even ONE bit like jk.

상세한 안내를 받고 싶으신 경우 네이버 고객센터로 문의주시면 도움드리도록 하겠습니다. 건강한 인터넷 환경을 만들어 나갈 수 있도록 고객님의 많은 관심과 협조를 부탁드립니다.Rumor is that it’s Kai, when the visual gets confirmed, then it will be changed. Right now the positions are unconfirmed, that’s why it says “possible position”.Huening Kai’s concept photos https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6b0f4d17c26a50982252f143cc260c0ddb511a8aa110d002b025339a98333192.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/992694d48dc7f4b028e7d92b119a3c4c3144dbae8d2017da9a9fada5c90f7ba2.jpg

Wow Kai and I actually have something in common- We both play the flute, who would’ve thought? Haha. Only two guys in my band play the flute, and all the rest are girls. Cool that we have something in common!Wow okay! I didn’t know that, I’ll delete this comment. Although I did say I believe, meaning I wasn’t 100% sure.As I said before, lower in the comments, his height is guessed mostly because he looks the same height as Soobin who is 6’0″ and the the weight is just what someone gave me. NOTHING is accurate at the moment. These are temporary until the real weights, positions, heights are revealed.

The Fandom name is “Young One” because zero is pronounced young and they became one so YOUNG ONE. Young one also means forever in Korean!!!he is more talented than u tho… and it is not official position yet so back off untalented creature like u dont deserve to say he is useless. and please learn your grammar dear you look dumb throwing hate while your grammar sucks.bighit said that they don’t have positions like visuals.. txt said so in one interview. They have a leader and two maknaes.. and they’re all vocals and dancers I guess, and it depends on the song.그러는 동안 그레고르는 방의 벽이나 천장을 타고 기어다니는 습관을 지니게 되는데 이를 알아차린 그레테는 그레고르가 벽을 타고 기어다니는 데 방해가 되는 가구류를 방에서 치워 줄 것을 계획한다. 그레테는 어머니와 협력하여 가구류를 옮기기 시작하는데 그레고르도 처음에는 신경 써서 몸을 숨기고 있었지만, 그들의 대화를 엿듣고 문득, 자신이 인간이었던 시절의 흔적을 없애 버려도 괜찮은 것일까 하고 회의(懷疑)한다. 그레고르가 자신의 뜻을 표출하려고, 벽에 걸려 있던 액자에 달라 붙자, 그런 그레고르의 모습을 본 어머니는 졸도한다. 최근 은행의 수위로 근무한 아버지가 귀가했을 때 그레테를 통해 그레고르가 난동을 부린 것으로 간주하고 그는 그레고르에게 사과를 마구 던진다. 그레고르는 깊은 상처를 입고, 정상적으로 움직일 수 없게 된다.

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Taehyun https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/6c46eb19b4f7cfdadc75c9855a83c749f93c5699a727899d001ba15c51fbacb7.pngPlease don’t sleep on Taehyun! He is a cutie, sleep on a bed instead of him.. Don’t sleep on any member, they don’t deserve it!!!Why does it look like you guys are fighting for who has the right to be visual in the group? Shouldn’t we just believe what BigHit says? And don’t they all have the potential to be visuals?Huening Kai https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/90f0ba56ab2b55428ea3f9d6a6e96cd89faef0b0f449e1ede06fdcbbabb213ed.jpgIt’s the way it was said. It’s a simple and easy fix. I made a mistake, it’s not a big deal.

I think: Soobin: Leader, Lead rapper, vocalist Yeonjun: Main dancer, main rapper, vocalist Beomgyu: Lead dancer, Lead vocalist Taehyun: Lead Vocalist, Visual Kai: Main Vocalist, Centre, Visual, MaknaeI think this should be their positions(not being biased okay)It’s only from listening and watch crown mv,dance practice and their other album songs. Soobin:Leader,Lead rapper,Main/Lead dancer,sub/Vocalist,maybe center Yeonjun:Main rapper,Main/Leaad dancer, sub/vocalist Beomgyu:Lead vocalist,Lead rapper,Lead dancer,maybe center Taehyun:Main/lead vocalist,dancer(he’s a pretty good dancer after watching crown dance practice) Hueningkai:Main/Lead vocalist,lead dancer,visual,maybe center And I just realized their all tall! Yeonhun and Hueningkai are the same height as RM Beomgyu is the same as JIN And Soobin is taller than all the BTS members

그레테 잠자(Grete Samsa)편집

If Soobin was a girl, he would date Yeonjun. If Taehyun was a girl, he would date himself. If Beomgyu was a girl, he wouldn’t date any of his members. If Yeonjun was a girl, he would date Beomgyu because he’s handsome and he makes him happy. If Hueningkai was a girl, he would date Soobin.Edit: Visual For Sure Yeonjun or Soobin But Everyone Say Hueningkai’s Visual I Don’t Think He’s Visual Also Edit: Visual’s Mean Look Good and Natura Beautiful

잠자 씨(Mr.Samsa)편집

kai is main vocal, rapper and visual btw how did you conclude soobin as lead rapper when he hasn’t even rapped on line int he entire album lol. Yeinjun and KAI have been the only ones that have rappedYou must be kidding right? His visuals are literally the most delicate pretty and unique looking out of all of them. Of course he is the visual.! Did you even watch their latest intro video? His face is the prettiest!!!

my option: Soobin: Leader,Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer YeonJun: Main Rapper,Lead Dancer,Vocalist Beomgyu: Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper,Center,Visual Hueningkai: Main Vocalist,Visual,Maknae Taehyun: Lead VocalistI don’t get why soobin is listed as a rapper. He hasn’t even rapped in any of the five songs. The only one I know who rapped was Yeonjun and Kai. (i’m not hating. just wondering)0 Main Vocals 0 Main Dancers 0 Main Rappers 0 Lead Vocals 0 Lead Dancers 0 Lead Rappers 5 Sub Vocals 3 Sub Dancers 3 Sub RappersHow no one is talking about how most of them (except Soobin) are underweight? Especially Boemgyu and Taehyun who have an unhealthy weight? They’re all talented cute boys, but idk why k-pop glamorizes people being underweight…. Have I Been Pwned allows you to search across multiple data breaches to see if your email address has been compromised

잠자 부인(Mrs.Samsa)편집

You have it switched. Kai’s was “Secret” and Beomgyu’s is “Hope”, I know because I translated Beomgyu’s when it was released this morning.all of them dancing well you can not have sure about he is better and i think who dance better it’s the taehyun and Beomgyu so now we have a problem

1회 - 미래에 없어질 직업 BEST12, 프란츠 카프카 '변신' by Mixclou

Really?but I think yeonjun and beomgyu dance so clean and soft,soobin just fast..just look carefully,u will see that,yeonjun will be txt main dancer for sure,and beomgyu will be lead dancerBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothingBeomhyu is nothing

변신 : 프란츠 카프카 베스트 단편선: (Never Ending World Book

I think some people are fetishizing the fact that Kai is half white, but I guess that’s just meok so i think yeonjun is the main rapper and under him comes soobin (???) who is probably a lead and kai is probably a lead too or just a rapper.These were made 2 or 3 days ago and it’s a famous Korean magazine that had a lot of famous groups interviews, so it’s not fake, also I never thought of soobin as a dancer before, neither did he show it like when they made them choose between dance and sing soobin always chose singing while yeonjun and beomgyu were the only ones who chose dancing and kai didn’t really rap in any of their songs maybe he just made a fast melody,and no kai is a main vocalist I thought everyone heard his angelic voice? Taehyun and kai both are main vocalists I love them both very much don’t misunderstand I just wanted to share thisGuys, I have no idea how you want me to do this. I got yelled at for having him as half American and now I’m getting yelled at for having him as half German. And people are telling me to put him as German-Brazilian when Kai wasn’t even BORN in Brazil, he as BORN in the Hawaii, USA. Kai’s dad is Brazilian by nationality…not ethnicity. Kai was NOT born in Brazil and is NOT Brazilian, his uncle confirmed this already. He is half Korean and half German.

I don’t get why Bighit revealed that Kai also has two older brothers when on his pre-debut videos, you can only see him with Lea and Bahiyyih. Even on their mom’s Instagram, her bio has the letters LKB, which stands for Lea, Kai, Bahiyyih. Maybe it was a mistranslation of fans????I’ve seen so many people on twitter and Instagram talking about Kai,soobin,beomgyu and specially yeonjun but there’s very few ones talking about taehyun. So lemme say this that taehyun you r an absolute cutie. Your eyes r pretty.😊No they didn’t. I have their Twitter notifications activated and not once they tweeted and deleted anythingGuys I have Soobin written as dancer because in episode 1 of TALK X TODAY, Yeonjun said he was a powerful dancer – which makes Soobin a dancer, even if it’s not lead or main.

-They often support the lead vocalist during the chorus (Kai and Taehyun are the ones singing the chorus)Yeonjun is the main dancer. That all I know. The members say he was the best dancer pre debut and nowhttps://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ba4854ee4cb7dcd0a58b231f91f82ab83841f96bed0565803f8efea2617fde12.jpg

카프카, 유대인, 몸 - 최윤영 - Google Книг

If u want a proof just find it by yourself,but this the best proof that u are jealous at him😉..reason?,tell us😉btw how old are uLmao, no. Kai is the Maknae of the group. Yes, Taehyun and Kai are both ‘02 liners, but Kai is younger by 4 months.💛According to the official TXT website by BigHit themselves, Soobin was born in 2002. This is why it’s important to wait until a group debuts instead of posting a profile full of false information.Please be kind, it’s okay for her to have an opinion. Not everyone will think Yeonjun looks like Taehyung and that’s okay 🙂

독후감상문 - 변신

To me I think these are their positions Soobin- Leader, Main Dancer, Lead Rapper, Lead Vocalist Yeonjun- Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist Beomgyu- Lead Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Center Taehyun- Main Vocalist Kai- Lead Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, MaknaeI will pick the right bias…. All my bias always end up successful…. I will pick the right one.like I said before,the high note in blue orangeade is belt out by taehyun,also yeonjun said it himself,taehyun can hit high notes easily.Under “Taehyun facts” there is a spelling mistake. The correct spelling should be “think” instead of “thinkg”. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa79bb42f56398ae544f94c05fd06449a75bcef4bd3055da9d413f6a1d0180e6.jpg

According to a quiz Spotify K-Pop added in a tweet they made for us to see what TXT’s spotify playlists are (TXT’s official twitter account retweeted it, you can go check it out if you want), Taehyun’s favorite colors are yellow and orange, his favorite animal is the kangaroo and his favorite food is sashimi. Beomgyu’s favorite colors are white and pink, his favorite animals are bears and parrots and his favorite food is snack food. Soobin’s favorite colors are yellow and sky blue, his favorite animals are raccoons and his favorite food is bread and rice cake. Yeonjun’s favorite colors are blue and purple, his favorite animals are Welsh Corgis and pandas and his favorite food is ramyun and pho. Hueningkai’s favorite colors are green and black, his favorite animals are dolphins and penguins and his favorite food is seafood and pizza.txt’s fandom name is “YOUNG ONE”. it was announced last month. But then it was announced that there will be a change about the fandom name. [source: https://www.soompi.com/article/1322477wpp/big-hit-announces-plans-to-change-txts-official-fan-club-name%5DHim and Kai are both the maknae’s in a way since their both born in 2002, but Kai is younger by 4 months making him the maknae of the group.Kai is def the Main Vocalist… He has better technique and your reasons are not valid enough… Main Vocalist usually finishes the bridge and sings the highnotes and ad-lib which in the case of Taehyun and Kai… Kai did the highnotes and ad-libs… and judging by the parts they got Kai is def the Main VocalistNope. https://www.youtube.com/txt_bighit This is their official and it’s also linked on their official Twitter that’s verified.

변신(카프카) : 학습백과zu

I am considered Korean-American akjsdflasdkf I’m ethnically full Korean but because I was born in America I am counted as Korean American. It says nationality so he would be Korean-American as he was born in America but is Korean.I hate to talk about positions but everyone deserves to be a visual. Especially Taehyun, I mean, look how handsome he is! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4567ae8d61ad794c7d1c34cf6fced4062d76e21a29563e05c9b8e85173ac2f99.jpg Naturally handsome!Soobin : Leader, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist Yeonjun : Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist Beomgyu : Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Center Taehyun : Main/Lead Vocalist Huening Kai : Main/Lead Vocalist, Visual, MaknaeNormally kpop fans dont think this so you are wrong, thet just look visual or another things no important

(Special thanks to Christian Gee Alarba, intotxt, Linnea Boqvist, constantly attacked by bts ex, Jennifer Harrel, Pechymint,  해유One, vcjace, Aki, Sirine, army4life, cess, Bangtan Jimin, pInK lAmBOrGInI, junkyu lovebot, ctrljinsung, and Jenny PhamI, ♡♡, ᴀɴɢɪᴇ, yeonjun pringles, Chiya Akahoshi, chipsnsoda, Bts Stanner, TY 4MINUTE, Ashley, June)OMG Binnie with Bunny i have a sweetness attack 😻😻🐇🐇 i cant stay calm this just a so cuteee🐰😍😍😍I know they have no positions but i think their roles in the group like; Soobin/ Leader(ofc), Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper or just a Rapper, FOTG (because most fancam views and usually first in poll rankings), Visual (i think he is really handsome but korean standards) Yeonjun/ Main Dancer, Main Rapper, Vocalist, sec. FOTG (usually second in views and poll ranking results vs) Beomgyu/ Main or Lead Dancer (but he has main dancer material i think), Vocalist, Center (ofc), Visual (ofc) Taehyun/ Main Vocalist (his voice is powerful) Visual (according to korean standards definitely he is) Huening Kai/ Main Vocalist (his technique is really good but not as powerful as Taehyun i think) Lead Rapper (he raps in cat dog and it was really good) Visual (they are all visuals) Maknae (ofc)wth, wow like no respect to the other hard-working members honestly how rude, you don’t even know them. smhHuening Kai https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33e90c57cb592c324580339b5cc1de8faaf8b38ab557f5c83a8b5104104366e2.pngIs it just me guys, thought that soobin alongside with kai is the visual? Kmedia were once watched soobin’s fancam, they said that he’s really handsome and looks like a model then someone asked where company did he came from. Kfans of them also said that he’s like a prince and so pure. Soobin got a lot of fansites also along with yeonjun. You know fansites…they’re into someone especially when that idol visually looks good in any angle. so sad other members aren’t hyped that well, especially my baby taehyun, but recently during sbs concert he got praised for his visual. Like stop sleeping on the maknae line they’re underrated, well they’re all beautiful tho 😔

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