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As to whether or not the USAF should actually move forward and procure the F-15X as a direct F-15C/D replacement, we'll save our analysis for an upcoming post. But the concept is certainly enticing and it is more relevant now that it would have been a decade ago when the USAF saw stealth as a threshold qualifier for nearly all front-line future fighter operations.  F-15 vs F-16 Fighting Falcon comparison. The F-15 is a twin-engine fighter jet capable of extremely high speeds and altitudes, while the F-16 is a less powerful but more maneuverable single-engine fighter aircraft 年中时候看了论坛里一老哥的DENG F15装机图,当时一眼就看上这机箱了,这款属于定制型CNC机箱,精致的做工和厚厚的铝材直接中毒了,然而生活中一些 F-15K service life is planned through 2040 and beyond, with technology insertions and upgrades throughout the life cycle. Boeing continues to support the ROKAF F-15K fleet through a long-term, affordable Performance Based Logistics (PBL) program, ensuring that ROKAF F-15K Slam Eagles are operationally ready to protect the ROK when called on. Korean supplier-partner Hyundai Glovis provides in-country logistics handling and supply chain distribution for the F-15K PBL program.In the decades to come, it's very likely that standoff tactical jamming support will be necessary to ensure the survivability of America's current cadre of narrow-band low-observable fighters. The E/A-18G Growler provides this to a certain degree today, but additional capability organic to the USAF could come via F-15Xs outfitted with jamming pods or conformal jamming arrays installed in modified conformal fuel tanks/fast packs. This mission could benefit from the F-15's long-endurance as well.

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엔진 제원 및 성능. 기능 The F-15X initiative may be all about getting already available capabilities to the USAF at a low cost with next to no fuss, but in the future, the jet could play a pivotal role in supporting many of the most buzz-worthy air combat concepts being discussed by USAF today. These include man-machine teaming, in which the F-15X would play quarterback for stealthy unmanned combat air vehicles (UCAVs) that can go where even the F-35 and F-22 cannot.  The AIM-9X missile will be integrated on F-15C/D/E, F/A-18C/D/E/F, F-16s and F/A-22A. No plans have been released about integration of AIM-9X on the F-35. No combat related features of the AIM-9X are its reduced ownership costs, reduced maintainability, high availability and affordability. The US Navy and the US Air Force plan to buy 10,080 missiles. AIM-9X foreign military sales could be 5,000 units according to US government sources.

The internally mounted ALQ-135M prioritizes and neutralizes the most imminent dangers thanks to a new processor that offers increased speed and memory enhancements compared to older ALQ-135 models. Weight was reduced by 63 percent and volume by 71 percent. In addition, sophisticated microwave power module transmitter technology helps reduce weight and boost performance. Source deagel.com Published on 15 May 2015. To favorites The AIM-7F joined the Air Force inventory in 1976 as the primary medium-range, air-to-air missile for the F-15 Eagle. The AIM-7F was an almost completely new missile, gaining ability from improved avionics that allowed the warhead to be moved to the front, allowing a bigger motor to be carried that has improved range.

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CPU-Z is a freeware that gathers information on some of the main devices of your system : Processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels. Mainboard and chipset. Memory type, size, timings, and module specifications (SPD). Real time measurement of each core's internal.. The empennage is metal and composite construction, with twin aluminium/composite material honeycomb structure vertical stabilizers with boron-composite skin, resulting in an exceptionally thin tailplane and rudders. Composite horizontal all-moving tails outboard of the vertical stabilizers move independently to provide roll control in some flight maneuvers. The F-15 has a spine-mounted air brake and retractable tricycle landing gear. It is powered by two Pratt & Whitney F100 axial compressor turbofan engines with afterburners, mounted side-by-side in the fuselage and fed by intake ramps. The cockpit is mounted high in the forward fuselage with a one-piece windscreen and large canopy for increased visibility and a 360° field of view for the pilot. The airframe began to incorporate advanced superplastically formed titanium components in the 1980s. 전체(15,670) This is Nathan Fife's F-15 For FSX. Painted in the Air Superiority Blue Paint Scheme of the 325th Fighter Wing Based at Tyndall AFB Fl. The performance and Flight Dynamics has been modified to match the lethal speed of the F-15 Strike Eagle at more than 1500 knots High resolution imagery for non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (NTISR) enables the Sniper pod to play a major role in Air Force operations in theater, providing top cover for ground forces, as well as increasing the safety of civilian populations.

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Saudi Arabia ordered 84 new build F-15SAs and close to 70 kits to upgrade their existing F-15S fleet to the SA configuration. Just one part of this upgrade is the activation of Eagle's outboard wing stores stations, which will expand the jet's already heavy combat punch By this time, the Navy had decided the F-111 would not meet their requirements and began the development of a new dedicated fighter design, the VFAX program. In May 1966, McNamara again asked the forces to study the designs and see whether the VFAX would meet the Air Force's F-X needs. The resulting studies took 18 months and concluded that the desired features were too different; the Navy stressed loiter time and mission flexibility, while the Air Force was now looking primarily for maneuverability.[17]

The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is an American twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing) A variety of air-to-air weaponry can be carried by the F-15. An automated weapon system enables the pilot to perform aerial combat safely and effectively, using the head-up display and the avionics and weapons controls located on the engine throttles or control stick. When the pilot changes from one weapon system to another, visual guidance for the required weapon automatically appears on the head-up display.Sniper pods provide improved long-range target detection/identification and continuous stabilized surveillance for all missions, including close air support of ground forces. The Sniper pod enables aircrews to detect and identify weapon caches and individuals carrying armaments, all outside jet noise ranges. Superior imagery, a video datalink and J-series-weapons-quality coordinates provided by the Sniper pod enable rapid target decisions and keep aircrews out of threat ranges. America's Only Heavy Icebreaker Ship Returns from Antarctica The 159 crewmembers onboard U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star (WAGB 10) completed the escort of three refuel and...

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A 173rd Fighter Wing F-15C taxis back to its parking spot at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, known inside the USAF as the "the land of no slack." The unit is the USAF sole F-15C/D training squadron and is renowned for producing some of the world's best fighter pilots.The TIGER Eyes is an advanced electro-optical sensor suite that will provide targeting, all-weather navigation, terrain-following and Infrared Search and Track (IRST) for the F-15K multirole fighter. TIGER Eyes is an evolution of combat-proven LANTIRN and US Navy IRST technology. @media only screen and (min-device-width : 320px) and (max-device-width : 480px) { #ga-ad {display: none;} } The F-15E is a two-seat, dual-role, totally integrated fighter for all-weather, air-to-air and deep interdiction missions. The rear cockpit is upgraded to include four multi-purpose CRT displays for aircraft systems and weapons management. The digital, triple-redundant Lear Siegler flight control system permits coupled automatic terrain following, enhanced by a ring-laser gyro inertial navigation system.The F-15X could also act as a weapons truck for stealthy fighters operating forward of their position into more highly contested airspace. This will become an especially critical capacity as ultra-long-range weaponry becomes too large for stealth fighters' weapons bays or to be carried in relevant numbers by smaller fighters. 

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The first 40 F-15K fighters are powered by two GE F110 turbofan engines, each developing 29,000lb of thrust per engine. The aircraft procured under Next Fighter II programme are equipped with two Pratt & Whitney F-100-PW-229 EEP engines. Each engine provides a thrust of 29,100lb. A proposed upgrade for the F-15 Eagle air superiority fighter now has a slick promotional video to show it off. The so-called Advanced Eagle, or F-15 2040C, would team up with fighters like the F-22 Raptor and F-35 Joint Strike Fighter to take on numerically superior fleets of enemy aircraft

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Four companies submitted proposals, with the Air Force eliminating General Dynamics and awarding contracts to Fairchild Republic, North American Rockwell, and McDonnell Douglas for the definition phase in December 1968. The companies submitted technical proposals by June 1969. The Air Force announced the selection of McDonnell Douglas on 23 December 1969.[24] The winning design resembled the twin-tailed F-14, but with fixed wings; both designs were based on configurations studied in wind-tunnel testing by NASA.[25] The first jet of this second batch (produced by Boeing under the Next Fighter II contract), airframe F-15K41 completed its first flight on 22 April 2010. Batch 2 deliveries were performed in the following schedule: Симпатии: 15.523. Розыгрыше In 2011 the Slam Eagles received the Sniper targeting pod as well. After Lockheed Martin demonstrated the benefits of Sniper pod’s capability for ROKAF by successfully flying Sniper on the F-15K and the KF-16 aircraft with a common Sniper pod software load in 2009, the first pods arrived to Daegu Air Base on Apr 18, 2011. Source f-15e.info

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While comparing Western to Eastern technology and fighter jets we cannot skip over two widely compared aircraft: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker and the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle (now Boeing F-15 Eagle) Lockheed Martin’s IRST is a development of the AN/AAS-42 system that was originally carried by Northrop Grumman F-14D Tomcats. However, it has been undergoing development since then, first for the abortive pod-mounted system for the F-15 Eagle, and now further refined for the Super Hornet application. Source ainonline.comWhat the F-15X doesn't include is a high price. The War Zone has learned that Boeing intends to deliver the F-15X at a flyaway cost well below that of an F-35A—which runs about $95M per copy. And this is not just some attempt to grab business and then deliver an aircraft that costs way more than promised. Our sources tell us that Boeing is willing to put their money where their mouth is via offering the F-15X under a fixed priced contract. In other words, whatever the jets actually end up costing, the Pentagon will pay a fixed price—Boeing would have to eat any overages. The USAF has not procured a 4th generation fighter since 2001. This was over 15 years before the discussions that led to the F-15X began. For a decade and a half, USAF brass had been adamant about only buying stealthy 5th generation fighters to fill out its tactical jet ranks. Even upgrading or retaining existing and battle-proven fighter platforms was in question early in the current decade as the service was myopically focused on stabilizing the F-35 program. Tightened defense budgets under sequester didn't help with the situation, either.  Site Terms | The Privacy and Cookie Statement for The Boeing Company and its family of brands has changed, effective January 01, 2020 to allow for a more unified customer experience. | Ad Choices | OneTrust Cookie Settings

F-15 E Strike Eagle günümüzün en kabiliyetli çok fonksiyonlu taarruz uçağıdır.Sahip olduğu benzersiz menzil, hız, devamlılık (persistence) ve silah yükü ile ABD Hava Kuvvetlerinin belkemiğidir. F-15'in ABD Hava Kuvvetlerindeki hizmet süresini doldurmasına ilişkin planlanmış bir tarih yoktur Boeing and the USAF have been in talks for a year and a half about replacing the aging F-15C/D with a brand new advanced Eagle derivative, the F-15X South Korea’s military said the Taurus missile fired from an F-15 fighter jet travelled through obstacles at low altitudes before hitting a target off the country’s western coast.

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F-15C: DCS Flaming Cliffs is the module of F-15C aircraft for DCS World. ©2014 OOO BelSimTek. Some F-15C/D fighters also received the new and improved radar system first tried out on export F-15K destined for South Korea All F-15 aircraft were grounded by the USAF after a Missouri Air National Guard F-15C came apart in flight and crashed on 2 November 2007. The newer F-15E fleet was later cleared for continued operations. The US Air Force reported on 28 November 2007 that a critical location in the upper longerons on the F-15C model was suspected of causing the failure, causing the fuselage forward of the air intakes, including the cockpit and radome, to separate from the airframe.[78]

They have since been deployed to support Operation Southern Watch, the patrolling of the Iraqi no-fly zones in Southern Iraq; Operation Provide Comfort in Turkey; in support of NATO operations in Bosnia, and recent air expeditionary force deployments. In 1994, two U.S. Army Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks were mistakenly downed by USAF F-15Cs in northern Iraq in a friendly-fire incident.[76] USAF F-15Cs shot down four Yugoslav MiG-29s using AIM-120 and Aim-7 Radar guided missiles during NATO's 1999 intervention in Kosovo, Operation Allied Force.[77] F14 & F15 control the display brightness. I still haven't been able to revert F14 and F15 to act as F14 and F15 within an application. Can Spark be used to revert these F keys to their original purposes within applications F-15EX leverages $5B+ in technology investments over the past decade to bring the U.S. Air Force the world’s most modern variant of the undefeated F-15. Complementing other aircraft, the F-15EX enhances the air combat capabilities of the fleet to ensure the U.S. remains ahead of current and emerging threats. With next-generation technologies to provide unrivaled capabilities in a broad spectrum of environments, Boeing’s F-15EX delivers more payload, capacity and range than any fighter in its class. Aggregate sensor data for a 360 degree view of the battle space. Fused onboard / off-board data enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple sensors / data sources. This provides enhanced situational awareness, speeds decision making and eases pilot workload.

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  1. The AN/ARC-232(V) Starblazer supports the requirement for an airborne, multi-band, multi-mission, anti-jam, voice and data network-capable communication system in one small, light-weight package qualified to military standards. The AN/ARC-232(V) is designed for application and installation on a broad range of fixed and rotary wing aircraft and provides the military VHF and UHF (very high frequency and ultra high frequency) capability required for air defense and close air support. The AN/ARC-232(V) airborne communications system is a form and fit replacement for the AN/ARC-164 family of transceivers. There are both panel and remote mount versions available that are controllable via Military Standard (MIL-STD-1553B) Data Bus, RS-422 or ARINC 429 Interface. Source dpdproductions.com
  2. Due to financial constraints, the KAF reduced the number of F-X aircraft from 120 to 40. The first two aircraft were delivered in October 2005 during the Seoul Air Show. As of March 2006 Korea had received the first four of 40 F-15Ks for the ROKAF, and eighteen had been introduced as of the end of 2006. The remainder were to be delivered by August 2008. In October 2008 the Air Force received its last batch of three F-15K fighters from Boeing under the 40-plane first-phase F-X program to introduce 120 high-end multi-role combat aircraf. With this latest addition the Air Force has a total of 39 F-15K aircraft, since a unit crashed in the waters off Pohang, some 320 kilometers southeast of Seoul, during a night mission in June 2006.
  3. In all roles, the JHMCS provides the pilot with aircraft performance, targeting, weaponry and threat warning information, regardless of where the pilot is looking, significantly enhancing pilot situation awareness throughout the mission. In a dual-seat aircraft, each crewmember can wear a JHMCShelmet, perform operations independent of each other, and have continuous awareness of where the other crewmember is looking.
  4. The missile carries about 481kg of inert multi-effect penetrator, high sophisticated and target optimised (MEPHISTO) dual stage warhead system for superior target penetration. The ignition system of the warhead is based on programmable intelligent multipurpose fuse (PIMPF).

The ALE-47 is so advanced, it thinks for itself. The system uses information from integrated electronic warfare sensors such as radar warning receivers and missile warning receivers to determine the correct response to defeat infrared and radio-frequency guided missiles. The cockpit crew has complete control of their threat situation by choosing to operate in any of the four modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual, or bypass. 15.66 MB. Buy now. Download Boeing’s F-15 conformal fuel tanks doubles loiter time and increases range while reducing the frequency of in-flight refueling. The improved CFT’s also provide additional weapons carriage options to ensure mission effectiveness.

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Boeing’s global reach includes customers in approximately 150 countries and employees and operations in more than 65 countries. The FX Next-Generation Fighter project requirements include the capability of flying within the Korean defense zone without needing mid-air refueling. Simultaneously, the fighter should be armed with internal cannons with a caliber of 20mm or more, cluster and laser-guided bombs and more than eight air-to-air missiles. The ROKAF puts top priority on a wider operational radius in promoting the next-generation fighter acquisition program to project air power for the long range and win air supremacy. The operational radius of the F-16 Fighting Falcon, the mainstay in the Air Force's fighter fleet, is just 500 kilometers. The F-15E will remain in service for years to come because of the model's primary air-to-ground role and the lower number of hours on the F-15E airframes.[94] These Marines Are Using 3D Printers to Make Face Masks No matter the threat, Marines face it down with ingenuity and determination. The 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing uses a...The improved AN/ALQ-135M was developed to protect the Republic of Korea Air Force (RoKAF) F-15K aircraft against multiple threats simultaneously. The first five production ALQ-135Ms were delivered to the Boeing Company which will install them into the F-15K aircraft.

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F-15C, D and E models were deployed to the Persian Gulf in 1991 in support of Operation Desert Storm where they proved their superior combat capability. F-15C fighters accounted for 34 of the 37 Air Force air-to-air victories. F-15Es were operated mainly at night, hunting SCUD missile launchers and artillery sites using the LANTIRN system.The air-to-ground weapon systems aboard the F-15 include precision-guided munitions such as AGM-84D Harpoon anti-ship missiles and AGM-84E SLAM-Expanded Response (ER) air-to-ground missiles.

Another order for F-15s from Israel is more likely to occur than not at this point, and other prospects for export remain, from Europe to Asia. But getting the USAF back on the pages of the Eagle's order books would be a huge coup for the program and it alone could very well lead to additional foreign orders. The AN/ALQ-135 is an internally mounted radio frequency jammer. It provides self-protection countermeasures against radar-related threats. It is an integral port of the F-15 Tactical Electronic Warfare Suite which also includes ALR-56C warning system and ALE-45 chaff/flare dispenser.The F-15K uses Link-16 Fighter Data Link to distribute target information to other aircraft during coordinated air-to-air missions. The onboard Hands-on Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) controls allow the crew to operate weaponry, radars, avionics and other mission equipment. The aircraft is equipped with late-generation targeting and navigation systems such as forward-looking infrared (FLIR) and infrared search and track (IRST). Computer Hardware. Peripherals. My keyboard has F13, F14, F15, and F16 keys. How do The Eagle's initial versions were the F-15 single-seat variant and TF-15 twin-seat variant. (After the F-15C was first flown, the designations were changed to "F-15A" and "F-15B"). These versions would be powered by new Pratt & Whitney F100 engines to achieve a combat thrust-to-weight ratio in excess of 1:1. A proposed 25-mm Ford-Philco GAU-7 cannon with caseless ammunition suffered development problems. It was dropped in favor of the standard M61 Vulcan gun. The F-15 used conformal carriage of four Sparrow missiles like the Phantom. The fixed wing was put onto a flat, wide fuselage that also provided an effective lifting surface. The first F-15A flight was made on 27 July 1972, with the first flight of the two-seat F-15B following in July 1973.[26]

The F-15X configuration is impressive as it includes a flat-panel glass cockpit, JHMCS II helmet mounted display (HMD), revised internal wing structure, fly-by-wire controls, APG-82 AESA radar, activation of outer wing stations one and nine, advanced mission computer, low-profile heads-up display, updated radio and satellite communications, the highly advanced Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS) electronic warfare and electronic surveillance suite, Legion Pod-mounted infrared search and track system (IRST) and the list goes on. The glass cockpit of the F-15K accommodates two crew members including a pilot and a weapon systems officer (WSO). The cockpit display suite from Kaiser Electronics integrates three flat panel colour displays, four multi-purpose displays, two upfront control panels, a wide field of view head-up display (HUD), and a joint helmet mounted cueing system (JHMCS).Beginning in 2007, 179 USAF F-15Cs would be retrofitted with the AN/APG-63(V)3 Active Electronically Scanned Array radar.[35] A significant number of F-15s are to be equipped with the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System.[36] Lockheed Martin is working on an IRST system for the F-15C.[37] A follow-on upgrade called the Eagle passive/active warning survivability system (EPAWSS) was planned, but remained unfunded.[38] Boeing was selected in October 2015 to serve as prime contractor for the EPAWSS, with BAE Systems selected as a subcontractor. The EPAWSS is an all-digital system with advanced electronic countermeasures, radar warning, and increased chaff and flare capabilities in a smaller footprint than the 1980s-era Tactical Electronic Warfare System. More than 400 F-15Cs and F-15Es will have the system installed.[39]

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An appropriately configured HARPOON can be launched from an AERO-65 bomb rack, AERO-7/A bomb rack, MK 6 canister, MK 7 shock resistant canister, MK 12 thickwall canister, MK 112 ASROC launcher, MK 8 and MK 116 TARTAR launcher, or submarine torpedo tube launcher.New, more powerful twin engines provide the F-15EX with unrivaled speed and acceleration capabilities, allowing the pilot to get to the target faster.

To aim and fire a missile, pilots simply move their heads to align a targeting cross (placed in the middle of the projected imagery) with the target and press a switch on the flight controls to direct and fire a weapon.The integrated Tactical Electronic Warfare Suite (TEWS) integrates ALR-56C(V)1 early warning receiver, ALQ-135M jammer and ALE-47 Countermeasure Dispenser System (CMDS). The CMDS can launch conventional chaff and flare decoys to deceive anti-aircraft threats.The ARC-232 U/VHF radio with Fighter Data Link system is standard, as well as the advanced APG-63(V)1 radar. The radar incorporates the air-to-air and air-to-ground modes of the APG-70 radar on U.S. jets with additional sea-surface searching/tracking, ground-moving target tracking, and enhanced high-resolution ground mapping for long-distance target identification. It allows the jet to engage air, land, and sea-based threats simultaneously. F-15SA/QA Strike Eagle. Owned By. Related Armaments. The first of 152 Boeing F-15SA (Saudi Advanced) Eagle fighters arrived in the Kingdom on 13 December. Images showing the initial four aircraft, comprising two remanufactured F-15S (93-0857 and 93-0899) and two newbuild F-15SA.. Even if the F-15X is cheaper than an F-35 and ends up being closer in price to a late-block Super Hornet (around $65M), the money will have to come from somewhere to acquire the fleet. But spending money now to acquire F-15Xs may actually save money in the long run. The USAF already intended to upgrade its F-15C/D fleet so that it could remain viable into the 2030s and possibly well beyond. Doing so would cost many millions of dollars per jet, especially if those aircraft end up needing new wings in the coming decade, which according to most accounts, they will. And then you still have an airplane that is in the back-half of its service life and costs more to keep in the air than a totally fresh jet.

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Primary Function: Air-to-surface guided and powered bomb Contractor: Boeing Co. Thrust: Classified Length: 12 feet, 10.5 inches (3.90 meters) Launch Weight: 2,917 pounds (1,312.65 kilograms) Diameter: 18 inches (45.72 centimeters) Wingspan: 59 inches (149.86 centimeters) Range: Classified Ceiling: 30,000-plus feet (9,091 meters) Speed: Classified Guidance System: television/imaging infrared seeker man-in-the-loop; autonomous GPS/INS Date Deployed: 1994The single-seat F-15C and two-seat F-15D models entered the Air Force inventory beginning in 1979. These new models have Production Eagle Package (PEP 2000) improvements, including 2,000 pounds (900 kilograms) of additional internal fuel, provision for carrying exterior conformal fuel tanks and increased maximum takeoff weight of up to 68,000 pounds (30,600 kilograms).With the help of the company's new AMBER missile carrying racks, the F-15X will be able to carry a whopping 22 air-to-air missiles during a single sortie. Alternatively, it could fly with eight air-to-air missiles and 28 Small Diameter Bombs (SDBs), or up to seven 2,000lb bombs and eight air-to-air missiles. We are talking crazy weapons hauling capabilities here. Keep in mind that the F-15C/D Eagle can carry eight air-to-air missiles currently, and the penultimate Eagle variant that is currently being built, the F-15SA, can carry a dozen. PC를 게임용 컴퓨터로 변환. 데스크톱이나 모바일에서 즐기는 고성능 게임. Intel IGP 및 Radeon™ R7 250 dGPU와 비교한 높은 성능1. Rocket League. 97 FPS

F-15C: Still Important, But Nearing the End. The Air Force's original plans would have provided an all fifth-generation fighter fleet comprising large numbers of F-22s and F-35s. Unfortunately, the Air Force can't meet the demands of the National Defense Strategy without maintaining fourth-generation.. Although the F-15 continues to be a front-line fighter, a number of older USAF and IAF models have been retired, with several placed on outdoor display or in museums. ODV-065R15B15K15K. XXXPol, 806-960/1710-2170/1710-2170MHz, 65°, 15./14.9/15.1dBi. Technical Specifications. Electrical Twelve prototypes were built and used for trials by the F-15 Joint Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base using McDonnell Douglas and United States Air Force personnel. Most prototypes were later used by NASA for trials and experiments.

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The first F-15A flight was made in July 1972, and the first flight of the two-seat F-15B (formerly TF-15A) trainer was made in July 1973. The first Eagle (F-15B) was delivered in November 1974. In January 1976, the first Eagle destined for a combat squadron was delivered. F-15 이글(Eagle)은 서방권의 4세대 전투기로, 미국과 그 동맹국들에서 운용한다. 목차. 1 개발. 2 성능. 3 실전. 미 공군의 핵심 주력기들 중 하나로서 현재 생산되는 대부분의 F-15들이 이들 스트라이크 이글과 파생형들로 한국의 F-15K 역시 스트라이크 이글의 개량형이다 Taurus KEPD 350 is the first European missile to be integrated onto a Korean fighter aircraft. Source defense-watch.com The F-15E is a two-seat version of the F-15 that is optimized for ground attack introduced in 1988. It is crewed by a pilot and weapons systems officer (WSO, pronounced wizzo), and is fitted with F-15C crews call the F-15E, the dark side and pilots that transition to the F-15E are joining the dark side

So the F-15X initiative is not some cold-call Boeing pitch, it was born out of hundreds of ever-strengthening discussions between various stakeholders within USAF and the aircraft manufacturer. All parties involved had worked hard not to disclose the talks out of respect for ongoing procurement programs and the USAF's stated needs. Additionally, doing so without providing adequate detail would surely result in the F-15X being misconstrued by the press as being some huge challenger to the F-35, when that was never actually the case or the scope of the proposed initiative.AIM-120B and AIM-120C versions are currently in production, the latter with smaller control surfaces to permit increased internal carriage capability in the F-22. AIM-120B deliveries began in FY 94, and AIM-120C deliveries began in FY 96.

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  1. Edited and uploaded with permission; C@sper's HD F-15C cockpit made IC compliant by conversion to livery format. -Fixes to instruments, and fixes and edits to cockpit lighting applied, see details page for description and installation instructions
  2. The F-15's versatile APG-63 and 70 pulse-Doppler radar systems can look up at high-flying targets and look-down/shoot-down at low-flying targets without being confused by ground clutter. These radars can detect and track aircraft and small high-speed targets at distances beyond visual range down to close range, and at altitudes down to treetop level. The APG-63 has a basic range of 100 miles (87 nmi; 160 km). The radar feeds target information into the central computer for effective weapons delivery. For close-in dogfights, the radar automatically acquires enemy aircraft, and this information is projected on the head-up display. The F-15's electronic warfare system provides both threat warning (radar warning receiver) and automatic countermeasures against selected threats.[49]
  3. As time moved on, it became clear that the F-35 might not be the USAF's one-size-fits-all solution some thought it would be. This is not a mark against the F-35, but just the reality that the USAF has tactical air power needs that don't necessitate or even benefit from the F-35's unique and costly capabilities. 
  4. The F-15K became the first Eagle variant to release a SLAM-ER standoff weapon on 27 March 2006. The firing was made at Point Mugu, California, at 25000 ft and Mach 0.8, around 180 km (100 nm) from the target.
  5. ate the collateral damage to civil facilities near the target. The stand-off and precision capabilities of the missile and deployment range of more than 350km ensure maximum safety to the aircraft and crew.
  6. The Harpoon missile was designed to sink warships in an open-ocean environment. Other weapons (such as the Standard and Tomahawk missiles) can be used against ships, but Harpoon and Penguin are the only missiles used by the United States military with anti-ship warfare as the primary mission. Once targeting information is obtained and sent to the Harpoon missile, it is fired. Once fired, the missile flys to the target location, turns on its seeker, locates the target and strikes it without further action from the firing platform. This allows the firing platform to engage other threats instead of concentrating on one at a time.

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Each of the gun’s six barrels fires only once during each revolution of the barrel cluster. The six rotating barrels contribute to long weapon life by minimizing barrel erosion and heat generation. The gun’s rate of fire, essentially 100 rounds per second, gives the pilot a shot density that will enable a “kill” when fired in one-second bursts.And this is what the F-15X is all about. It's a non-risk, relevant, and supposedly cost-effective solution to a lot of the USAF problems. And once again, it is not meant to compete in a big way with the F-35 program.The F-15 Multistage Improvement Program was initiated in February 1983, with the first production MSIP F-15C produced in 1985. Improvements included an upgraded central computer; a Programmable Armament Control Set, allowing for advanced versions of the AIM-7, AIM-9, and AIM-120A missiles; and an expanded Tactical Electronic Warfare System that provides improvements to the ALR-56C radar warning receiver and ALQ-135 countermeasure set. The final 43 included a Hughes APG-70 radar...3.0 Manhattan Offscreen OGL GFXBench 3.1 Manhattan ES 3.1 Offscreen Basemark X 1.1 Medium Quality Basemark X 1.1 High Quality Unigine Heaven 3.0 DX 11, Normal Tessellation, High Shaders Unigine Valley 1.0 Extreme HD DirectX Cinebench R15 OpenGL 64Bit Cinebench R10 32Bit A variety of air-to-air weaponry can be carried by the F-15. An automated weapon system enables the pilot to release weapons effectively and safely, using the head-up display and the avionics and weapons controls located on the engine throttles or control stick. When the pilot changes from one weapon system to another, visual guidance for the selected weapon automatically appears on the head-up display.[50]

The SLAM-ER (Expanded Response) Block 1F, a major upgrade to the SLAM missile that is currently in production, provides over twice the missile range, target penetration capability, and control range of SLAM. SLAM-ER has a greater range (150+ miles), a titanium warhead for increased penetration, and software improvements which allow the pilot to retarget the impact point of the missile during the terminal phase of attack (about the last five miles). In addition, many expansions are being made to improve performance, survivability, mission planning, and pilot (man-in-the-loop) interface. The SLAM-ER development contract was awarded to McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (Now BOEING) in February of 1995. SLAM-ER achieved its first flight in March of 1997. All Navy SLAM missiles are currently planned to be retrofitted to SLAM-ER configuration. About 500 SLAM missiles will be converted to the SLAM-ER configuration between FY 1997 and FY 2001. Even if until today a real F-14 Tomcat Vs F-15 Eagle engagement with live weapons fired has never taken place, since the prototypes made their first flights comparisons have been made between The F-14 Tomcat and the F-15 Eagle are two of the best (and two of the most beautiful) fighters ever built The F-15K, an improved version of the F-15E multi-role fighter, can carry 23,000 pounds of weapons on 19 weapon stations, including the SLAM-ER cruise missile and JDAM smart weapon. No F-X competitor can match this payload capacity. Boeing said it would guarantee the development of an indigenous fighter by 2015 if Seoul selects its F-15K for the F-X project. F-15K is an upgraded model of F-15E Strike Eagle which has been the "workhorse" of the U.S. Air Force's fighter fleets over the past 30 years. The major U.S. defense contractor offered a $2.8-billion industrial transfer program to South Korea in connection with the fighter deal. The aircraft’s service life is planned through 2040, with technology insertions and upgrades throughout its life cycle.

The government was to determine in May 2005 whether to buy additional next-generation fighter jets, after it completes introducing 40 F-15Ks under a procurement project, code-named F-X. Plans were being pushed forward to introduce forty F-15K fighters by 2008. South Korea had been pushing to introduce another 40 fighters after it concludes the F-X project in 2009 to replace its aging F-5 and F-4 jets.Under the second phase of the F-X next-generation warplane procurement project, South Korea decided to purchase 20 multi-role fighters via open bidding, with an investment of about 2.3 trillion won (about $2.4 billion). As of 2007, 20 "F-15K Class" fighters were in the ROK Defense Mid-Range Plan (DMP) with a 2007 program start planned. The ROKAF strongly supported an additional procurement of 20 F-15Ks.An epic eight-part documentary series 100 years in the making. Presented in 18 languages with an interactive library.

As far as how serious the USAF is about actually acquiring the F-15X as an F-15C/D replacement, sources familiar with the ongoing discussions indicate that the service is very serious about it. And frankly, the powers that be need to make a decision about the F-15C/D's fate as spending billions upgrading the fleet just to retire it from service in a few years time makes no sense and is incredibly wasteful.Yet even a suppression/destruction of enemy air defenses (SEAD/DEAD) role that leverages the F-15X's powerful electronic warfare and electronic surveillance measures suites, along with new weapons like JSOW and HARM, would fold nicely into the 'Gray Eagle' community's counter-air role. 

The biggest question most have about the F-15X is where would these fighters be inserted into the USAF's existing force structure? The answer to that, and the whole impetus behind the F-15X program, has been made clear to us—the jet is intended t directly replace the USAF's entire F-15C/D fleet. It would have no impact on the existing F-15E Strike Eagle fleet or its planned upgrade pathway that is underway now.South Korea planned to acquire and integrate the missile with its F-15K Slam Eagles after being refused Lockheed Martin’s AGM-158 JASSM by the U.S.During the Yemeni Civil War (2015-present), Houthis have used R-27T missiles modified to serve as surface-to-air missiles. A video released on 7 January 2018 also shows a modified R-27T hitting a Saudi F-15 on a forward-looking infrared camera. Houthi sources claim to have downed the F-15, although this has been disputed, as the missile apparently proximity detonated, though the F-15 continued to fly in its trajectory seemingly unaffected.[95][96] Rebels later released footage showing an aircraft wreck, but serial numbers on the wreckage suggested the aircraft was a Panavia Tornado, also operated by Saudi forces. On 8 January, the Saudi admitted the loss of an aircraft but by "Technical Reasons".[97] The F-15C Eagle fighter aircraft are equipped with the ALQ-135 Band 3, Band 2 and Band 1. The F-15E Strike Eagle are protected by the ALQ-135 Band 1.5 and 3. The USAF was replacing existing ALQ-135 band 1 and 2 with new Band 1.5 jammers in the early years of the 21st century.Bringing new ideas to life through technology advancements, disruptive market strategies, and venture partnerships.

In September 1968, a request for proposals was released to major aerospace companies. These requirements called for single-seat fighter having a maximum take-off weight of 40,000 pounds (18,000 kg) for the air-to-air role with a maximum speed of Mach 2.5 and a thrust-to-weight ratio of nearly 1:1 at mission weight.[22] It also called for a twin-engined arrangement, as this was believed to respond to throttle changes more rapidly and might offer commonality with the Navy's VFX program. However, details of the avionics were left largely undefined, as whether to build a larger aircraft with a powerful radar that could detect the enemy at longer ranges was not clear, or alternatively a smaller aircraft that would make detecting it more difficult for the enemy.[23] The F-15 has a higher service ceiling. To even up an early MIG advantage, let's give our F-15 driver a helmet sighting system. F-15 has a reputation of being fairly rugged--it might survive a few bullet hits more readily than the MIG. A missile hit would destroy either aircraft For low-altitude, high-speed penetration and precision attack on tactical targets at night or in adverse weather, the F-15E carries a high-resolution APG-70 radar and low-altitude navigation and targeting infrared for night podsThe ROKAF placed a $4.2bn contract with Boeing for 40 F-15K Slam Eagle fighter jets, in June 2002. The first two F-15Ks were delivered to Korea at the Seoul Air Show in October 2005. The 40th F-15K aircraft was delivered during the Red Flag exercise at Nellis Air Force Base in August 2008. All deliveries under the contract were officially concluded in October 2008.

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15. Compare Intel Core i5-8600K. Samples 155k In the end, when it comes to the USAF's tactical airpower needs, it needs to invest in narrow-band low-observable fighters, deep-penetrating wide-band low-observable UCAVs, and non-stealthy fighters that can lug a lot of weaponry over a good distance and/or provide economical solutions for the USAF's 'bread and butter' fighter missions. You don't need an F-35 to take out a Taliban opium lab or to sit alert duty day in and day out to guard America's sovereign airspace. The programmable fuse is designed with layer counting and void sensing technology. It was developed by TDW Gesellschaft für verteidigungstechnische Wirksysteme. F-15J 이글 (ko); Mitsubishi F-15J (en); میتسوبیشی اف-۱۵جی (fa); F-15J战斗机 (zh); Mitsubishi F-15J (id) Japan licensed built variant of McDonnell Douglas F-15 (en); 航空自衛隊の制空戦闘機 (ja) Media in category Mitsubishi F-15. The following 200 files are in this category, out of 247 total F-15J戦闘機. F-15J戦闘機は、航空自衛隊のF-104J戦闘機退役に伴い、領空防衛補完のための後継主力戦闘機として選定された機体です

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The Eagle can be armed with combinations of four different air-to-air weapons: AIM-7F/M Sparrow missiles or AIM-120 AMRAAM advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles on its lower fuselage corners, AIM-9L/M Sidewinder or AIM-120 AMRAAM missiles on two pylons under the wings, and an internal 20 mm (0.79 in) M61 Vulcan Gatling gun in the right wing root.[51] Radar F-15. Click to Fullscreen The F-15 was favored by customers such as the Israel and Japan air arms. Criticism from the fighter mafia that the F-15 was too large to be a dedicated dogfighter and too expensive to procure in large numbers, led to the Lightweight Fighter (LWF) program, which led to the USAF General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon and the middle-weight Navy McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet.[28] Disclaimer: the story is based on an interview to an F-15, published on a magazine profiling the F/A-18 Hornet. Developed as a multirole naval fighter, the McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F/A-18 Hornet has become the backbone of the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Marine Corps and several air arms around the world

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+ Actions Stash. F-15A/C Ejection Seat with safety belts Quickboost 1:72 QB 72 022. + Actions Stash. F-15E Strike Eagle Canopy Detail Set Model Technologies 1:72 MT0044 Sniper pods include a high definition mid-wave forward looking infrared (FLIR), dual-mode laser, HDTV, laser spot tracker, laser marker, video data link, and a digital data recorder. Advanced image processing algorithms, combined with rock steady stabilization techniques, provide cutting-edge performance. The pod features automatic tracking and laser designation of tactical size targets via real-time imagery presented on cockpit displays. The Sniper pod is fully compatible with the latest J-series munitions for precision weapons delivery against multiple moving and fixed targets.

MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2018) The F-X is one of four major weapons procurement projects started in 1999, all designed to modernize Korea's military. Others are a 2.1 trillion-won next-generation attack helicopter project (code named the AH-X), a 2.4 trillion-won surface-to-air missile project (SAM-X), and a 1.8 trillion won airborne surveillance project (E-X). The F-X program was marked by a series of revelations, accusations, and some criminal activity. The program was delayed, and became a flash point in a larger game of social and political acrimony. With this, Boeing completed all deliveries on-schedule and on-cost. Fleet service life is planned through 2040.Together with Harris and European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS), ViaSat is delivering a family of combat-proven, fully qualified, and EMC-Certified Link 16 MIDS terminals to U.S. Forces and Coalition partners under contracts to the Navy MIDS International Program Office (IPO) and other commercial customers. Source viasat.com

South Korea has released photos of a Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missile being loaded on its F-15K Slam Eagle jet. Seoul announced that its Taurus KEPD 350 cruise missile is now ready for combat.㈜써머스플랫폼은 통신판매 정보제공자로서 통신판매의 거래당사자가 아니며, 상품의 주문/배송/환불에 대한 의무와 책임은 각 쇼핑몰(판매자)에게 있습니다.Copyright ⓒ SummercePlatform Inc. All rights reserved.To attack a ground target, the pilot can acquire the target with a sensor and note it’s location on the helmet display. Alternatively, the pilot can use the helmet display to cue sensors and weapons to a visually detected ground target. Note that precision ordnance cannot be released based on JHMCS targeting alone, the system is not accurate enough for this. However it can be used to direct the aircraft’s much more precise targeting systems (targeting pod) towards the target the pilot is looking at. This way the tedious “soda-straw” search limited to a display image generated by the narrow field of view targeting system can be shortened significatly. With JHMCS, target acquisition can follow a much quicker “look, sharpen, shoot” process. f-15 air superiority fighter (hava ustunluk muharebecisi) olarak siniflandirilan bir ucaktir. muharebe alanina ilk onlar gelirler, dusman hava kuvvetlerini derbeder eder ve hava ustunlugunu ele gecirirler. yuksek manevra kabiliyetinden cok ustun donanimi, dayanikliligi ve yuksek irfita..

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  1. The McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle is an American twin-engine, all-weather tactical fighter aircraft designed by McDonnell Douglas (now part of Boeing). Following reviews of proposals, the United States Air Force selected McDonnell Douglas's design in 1967 to meet the service's need for a dedicated air superiority fighter. The Eagle first flew in July 1972, and entered service in 1976. It is among the most successful modern fighters, with over 100 victories and no losses in aerial combat, with the majority of the kills by the Israeli Air Force.[3][4]
  2. The AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missile (AMRAAM) is a new generation air-to-air missile. It has an all-weather, beyond-visual-range capability and is scheduled to be operational beyond 2000. AMRAAM is a supersonic, air launched, aerial intercept, guided missile employing active radar target tracking, proportional navigation guidance, and active Radio Frequency (RF) target detection. It employs active, semi-active, and inertial navigational methods of guidance to provide an autonomous launch and leave capability against single and multiple targets in all environments.
  3. This page provides the information you need for F-15EX. We invite you to sign up to receive the latest updates from Boeing.
  4. Eight companies responded with proposals. Following a downselect, four companies were asked to provide further developments. In total, they developed some 500 design concepts. Typical designs featured variable-sweep wings, weight over 60,000 pounds (27,000 kg), included a top speed of Mach 2.7 and a thrust-to-weight ratio of 0.75.[10] When the proposals were studied in July 1966, the aircraft were roughly the size and weight of the TFX F-111, and like that aircraft, were designs that could not be considered an air-superiority fighter.[11]
  5. The fate of the F-15C/D within the USAF ranks has been in doubt for over a year now, with the USAF evaluating if it will continue to deeply upgrade and eventually basically rebuild its existing decades-old F-15C/D force or if it will replace them entirely with upgraded F-16s. In fact, just last May, reports surfaced that indicated the USAF had all but formally announced that they will draw-down and retire the F-15C/D fleet.
  6. The F-15C Eagle is one of the best known air superiority fighters in the world. About time it finds its way into GTA V. The F-15 also spawned many different versions, including the F-15E Strike Eagle with additional air-to-ground capabilites, F-15 S/MTD and F-15 ACTIVE as NASA testbeds and a lot more

To obtain a variety of information and sensor-based data pilots can refer to the visual display on the inside of the helmet while remaining in a “heads-up” or “outside” position during combat; this eliminates the break in visual contact that occurs when they look away to check the display readouts in the cockpit. This significantly improves pilot situational awareness during all mission elements. The visor display presents monochrome calligraphic symbology (stroke display) with information like airspeed, altitude, G-load, AoA, target range, targeting cues, threat warnings, etc. JHMCS provides support for raster scanned imagery to display FLIR or IRST pictures for night operations and provides collimated symbology and imagery to the pilot. JHMCS symbology covers a 20 degree field of view for the right eye, with an 18 mm exit pupil (see photo below).On 16 September 2009, the last F-15A, an Oregon Air National Guard aircraft, was retired, marking the end of service for the F-15A and F-15B models in the United States.[86] As part of the Air Force's FY 2015 budget, the F-15C faced cuts or retirement in response to sequestration. Cuts are principally directed at platforms with single-mission capabilities. The retirement of some of the 250 F-15C fighters would save maintenance and upgrade costs, which could be redirected to speed procurement of the F-35 Lightning II. The air-to-air combat role would be taken up pre-eminently by the F-22 Raptor supported by the F-35. Even if this option is pursued, at least part of the F-15C fleet is likely to be preserved.[89][90] The Air Force's FY 2015 budget proposal would reduce the F-15C fleet by 51 aircraft.[91] Then in April 2017, Air Force officials announced plans to retire the F-15C/D in the mid-2020s and press more F-16s into roles occupied by the F-15.[92] In December 2018 Bloomberg Government reported that the Pentagon, not the Air Force, in its 2020 budget request, will likely request US$1.2 billion for 12 new-built F-15X fighters to replace older F-15Cs operated by Air National Guard units.[93] With the retirement of the F-15A and B models, the F-15C and D models are supplemented in U.S. service by the newer F-22 Raptor. As of 2013[update], regular Air Force F-15C and F-15D fighters are based overseas with the Pacific Air Forces at Kadena AB in Japan[87] and with the U.S. Air Forces in Europe at RAF Lakenheath in the United Kingdom.[88] Other regular Air Force F-15s are operated by ACC as adversary/aggressor platforms at Nellis AFB, Nevada, and by Air Force Material Command in test and evaluation roles at Edwards AFB, California, and Eglin AFB, Florida. All remaining combat-coded F-15Cs and F-15Ds are operated by the Air National Guard.

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The aircraft can carry a combination of air-to-air weapons including a 20mm cannon, AIM-9 Sidewinder infrared-guided air-to-air missiles, Raytheon AIM-7 Sparrow radar-guided air-to-air missiles, AIM-120 advanced medium-range air-to-air missile (AMRAAM), and AGM-130 missile. AliExpress carries many ikcm15f60ga related products, including cap processor , 775 core quad , core 2 quad 12m , adapter for processor , asus k93sv , lga 775 cpu new , 7700k , 775 sticker , t3400 , clamp 32 cm , 775 lga 8 core , core 2 quad 12m , machine drill core bit , for dell inspiron 1564 , aluminum..

In April 1965, Harold Brown, at that time director of the Department of Defense Research and Engineering, stated the favored position was to consider the F-5 and begin studies of an "F-X".[N 1] These early studies envisioned a production run of 800 to 1,000 aircraft and stressed maneuverability over speed; it also stated that the aircraft would not be considered without some level of ground-attack capability.[7] On 1 August, Gabriel Disosway took command of Tactical Air Command and reiterated calls for the F-X, but lowered the required performance from Mach 3.0 to 2.5 to lower costs.[8] The F-15 is the heavy lifter of the USAF's fighter cadre. It has been used to launch anti-satellite weapons and for tests with outsized missiles, including the AIM-54 hypersonic test missile as seen above. There have even been concepts that envisioned the F-15 carrying Patriot missiles aloft for anti-ballistic missile duties. The Eagle has been exported to Israel, Japan, and Saudi Arabia. The F-15 was originally envisioned as a pure air-superiority aircraft. Its design included a secondary ground-attack capability[5] that was largely unused. The aircraft design proved flexible enough that an all-weather strike derivative, the F-15E Strike Eagle, an improved and enhanced version which was later developed, entered service in 1989 and has been exported to several nations. As of 2017, the aircraft is being produced in different variants. 75 Intel Core2 Duo E7300 @ 2.66GHz - $ 20 Intel Core2 Duo E7400 @ 2.80GHz - $ 29 Intel Core2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93GHz - $ 15 Intel Core2 Duo E7600 @ 3.06GHz - $ 120 Intel Core2 Duo E8200 @ 2.66GHz - $ 50 Intel Core2 Duo E8300 @ 2.83GHz - $ 20 Intel Last week, the aerospace-defense community was overwhelmingly intrigued by a report from Defenseone.com that said Boeing was pitching a new variant of its 45-year-old F-15 Eagle line of fighters to the United States Air Force. Still, next to nothing is known about this initiative, including where it came from and what it entails exactly. Although it has been framed as a Boeing solicitation to the USAF, the opposite is actually true—the USAF began the discussion over a year and a half ago. Since then, ongoing talks have been kept incredibly hush-hush, along with the details of the aircraft involved—until now. 

The Eagle can be armed with combinations of different air-to-air weapons: AIM-120 advanced medium range air-to-air missiles on its lower fuselage corners, AIM-9L/M Sidewinder or AIM-120 missiles on two pylons under the wings, and an internal 20mm Gatling gun in the right wing root.The AIM-9L added a more powerful solid-propellant rocket motor as well as tracking maneuvering ability. Improvements in heat sensor and control systems have provided the AIM-9L missile with an all-aspect attack capability and improved guidance characteristics. The L model was the first Sidewinder with the ability to attack from all angles, including head-on. An improved active optical fuze increased the missile’s lethality and resistance to electronic countermeasures. A conical scan seeker increased seeker sensitivity and improved tracking stability. The AIM-9L is configured with an annular blast fragmentation warhead. Production and delivery of the AIM-9L began in 1976.Boeing had marketed a version of the F-15SA as the F-15 Advanced, but the single seat F-15X will incorporate many of the latest export Eagle capabilities along with the upgrades that were intended for the USAF's aging F-15C/D fleet. 6프로세서 성능. 그럼 LG 그램 15Z990-HA70K / 15Z990-HA7BK는 어느 정도의 성능과 활용도를 보일지, 외형과 내부를 살펴보고 다양한 벤치마크와 테스트를 통해 자세히 살펴보도록 하겠습니다

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The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15E Strike Eagle is an all-weather multirole fighter, derived from the McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle. The F-15E was designed in the 1980s for long-range, high speed interdiction without relying on escort or electronic warfare aircraft F-15K Slam Eagles from the South Korean Air Force fly with an F-16 Fighting Falcon of USAF over Kunsan Air Base, South Korea. Jason Colbert. The F-15K Slam Eagle aircraft of South Korean Air Force taxi down the flight line prior to take off during the Buddy Wing Exercise at Kunsan Air Base

The IFF transponders allow the military to rapidly identify its own friendly aircraft from enemy or potentially hostile aircraft. Source defense-aerospace.comThe system can be used without requiring the aircraft to be maneuvered, significantly reducing the time needed to prosecute an attack, which also minimizes the time spent in the threat environment.Royal Saudi Air Force F-15C pilots reportedly shot down two Iranian Air Force F-4E Phantom IIs in a skirmish on 5 June 1984.[63][64] The AIM-120A is a non-reprogrammable missile (requires a hardware change to upgrade the missile software). The AIM-120B/C is reprogrammable through the missile umbilical using Common Field-level Memory Reprogramming Equipment (CFMRE). The AIM-120C has smaller aerosurfaces to enable internal carriage on the Air Force F-22 aircraft. The USAF All-Up-Round (AUR) container houses an internal cable which enables up to four missiles to be reprogrammed while in the container. USN containers are not equipped with the cable and must be opened to reprogram the missile. All three AMRAAM variants are currently approved for use on the F-15C/D/E, F-16C/D, and F/A-18C/D aircraft. Source fas.orgThe missile can also navigate long distances without the GPS subsystem. It is equipped with an integrated mission planning system to determine its flight path.

The F-15 has also been a popular subject as a toy, and a fictional likeness of an aircraft similar to the F-15 has been used in cartoons, books, video games, animated television series, and animated films. The missile is made of modular sections which can be configured based on the individual missions. Its electronic systems are also modular. APCON has supplied the missile seeker electronics.When used in conjunction with a datalink, the system permits handoff of visually detected targets from one aircraft to another, with the second aircraft receiving visual cueing to the target. Source f-15e.info


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  1. 보잉 F-15K 슬램 이글(F-15K Slam Eagle)은 F-15E 스트라이크 이글(F-15E Strike Eagle)의 최신 파생형 모델이자 최신 4세대 전투기로 미국 보잉사가 제작하고, 대한민국 공군이 운용하는 전폭기이다. 2002년 4월 차기 전투기(FX) 사업의 기종으로 선정되어 총 40기가 발주되었으며 2005년 10월에 3..
  2. The F-15X could also allow current F-15C/D units to migrate to multi-role mission sets instead of the strictly air-to-air mission that they have traditionally performed. The F-15QA will be capable of deploying close to every weapon in the Pentagon's tactical fighter weapons inventory and so will the F-15X. This includes weapons like JSOW, Harpoon, and even HARM. But once again, taking on new missions can be done selectively and F-15C/D units could just as well continue concentrating on air-to-air combat exclusively. 
  3. This Lightweight Barrier Can Stop Any Charging Vehicle Cowboy Barriers, a small business located in Wausau Oklahoma , has developed a portable, interchangeable, quick assembly vehicle barrier...
  4. F15K_DSC. Thread starter ThienBui. Start date Apr 7, 2019. ThienBui said: F15K_DSC REV 2.0. Click to expand..
  5. um for many parts of the aircraft. The added weight demanded a much larger wing to allow the aircraft to operate at the required high altitudes. However, to observers, it appeared outwardly similar to the very large F-X studies, an aircraft with high speed and a large wing offering high maneuverability, leading to serious concerns throughout the Department of Defense and the various arms that the US was being outclassed. The MiG-23 was likewise a subject of concern, and it was generally believed to be a better aircraft than the F-4. The F-X would outclass the MiG-23, but now the MiG-25 appeared to be superior in speed, ceiling, and endurance to all existing US fighters, even the F-X.[20] Thus, an effort to improve the F-X followed.[21]
  6. The F-15K is also equipped with the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System, interfacing the sensors with weapons such as AGM-84K SLAM-ER and JASSM, as well as the standard AIM-9 and AIM-120 air-to-air missile options. The combination of improved avionics and sensors, as well as advanced weaponry, make the SLAM Eagle a vicious, lethal platform. Source fightersweep.com

You are commenting using your Google account. ( Log Out /  Change ) The F-15K is equipped with state-of-the-art mission equipment to conduct air-to-ground, air-to-air, and air-to-sea missions.The act also helped out with alleviating USMC's own fighter woes as it allows for younger Navy F/A-18Cs to be transferred to the USMC, many of which will receive substantial upgrades of their own. And enhanced Super Hornets and F-35Cs will complement each other nicely on many levels for decades to come. In other words, both fighters can coexist in production. It doesn't have to be an 'all or nothing' proposition as so many have tried to instill over the last decade or so.The McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle is a two-seat, dual-role, totally integrated fighter for all-weather, air-to-air, and deep interdiction missions. The rear cockpit is upgraded to include four multipurpose cathode ray tube displays for aircraft systems and weapons management. The digital, triple-redundant Lear Siegler aircraft flight control system permits coupled automatic terrain following, enhanced by a ring-laser gyro inertial navigation system.[53] For low-altitude, high-speed penetration and precision attack on tactical targets at night or in adverse weather, the F-15E carries a high-resolution APG-70 radar and LANTIRN pods to provide thermography.[49] The newest F-15E version is the F-15 Advanced, which features fly-by-wire controls.[54] F-15A through D-model aircraft were grounded until the location received more detailed inspections and repairs as needed.[79] The grounding of F-15s received media attention as it began to place strains on the nation's air-defense efforts.[80] The grounding forced some states to rely on their neighboring states' fighters for air-defense protection, and Alaska to depend on Canadian Forces' fighter support.[80]

국방부 방위역 개선사업목표 - 국방군사자료 - 해병닷컴

The F-15K Slam Eagle accommodates a wide range of weapons and a payload of over 13,000kg for achieving multi-role strike capability.The F-15's versatile pulse-Doppler radar system can look up at high-flying targets and down at low-flying targets without being confused by ground clutter. It can detect and track aircraft and small high-speed targets at distances beyond visual range down to close range, and at altitudes down to treetop level. The radar feeds target information into the central computer for effective weapons delivery. For close-in dogfights, the radar automatically acquires enemy aircraft, and this information is projected on the head-up display. The F-15's electronic warfare system provides both threat warning and automatic countermeasures against selected threats. This thread records the building of an ITX system based on a Deng F15 case. SFF.N will be offline briefly for planned maintenance on May 27th, from 11:30 PM to 12:00 AM EDT. Deng F15 build log The ASM-135 missile was designed to be a standoff antisatellite (ASAT) weapon, with the F-15 acting as a first stage. The Soviet Union could correlate a U.S. rocket launch with a spy satellite loss, but an F-15 carrying an ASAT would blend in among hundreds of F-15 flights. From January 1984 to September 1986, two F-15As were used as launch platforms for the ASAT missile. The F-15As were modified to carry one ASM-135 on the centerline station with extra equipment within a special centerline pylon.[65][66] The launch aircraft executed a Mach 1.22, 3.8 g climb at 65° to release the ASAT missile at an altitude of 38,100 ft (11,600 m).[67][68] The flight computer was updated to control the zoom-climb and missile release.

In April 2006 Boeing selected Lockheed Martin to provide Sniper Advanced targeting pods, Tiger Eyes navigation pods, and an Infrared Search and Track (IRST) System for the Republic of Singapore F-15SGs. Under an undisclosed fixed-price five-year contract this advanced electro-optical sensor suite will be integrated into the F-15SG aircraft beginning in the second quarter of 2007. Source deagel.comOn 8 January 2008, the USAF Air Combat Command (ACC) cleared a portion of its F-15A through D-model fleet for return to flying status. It also recommended a limited return to flight for units worldwide using the affected models.[81] The accident review board report was released on 10 January 2008. The report stated that analysis of the F-15C wreckage determined that the longeron did not meet drawing specifications, which led to fatigue cracks and finally a catastrophic failure of the remaining support structures and breakup of the aircraft in flight.[82] In a report released on 10 January 2008, nine other F-15s were identified to have similar problems in the longeron. As a result of these problems, General John D. W. Corley stated, "the long-term future of the F-15 is in question."[83] On 15 February 2008, ACC cleared all its grounded F-15A/B/C/D fighters for flight pending inspections, engineering reviews, and any needed repairs. ACC also recommended release of other U.S. F-15A/B/C/D aircraft.[84] Not much before the completion of the first batch deliveries, the Korean government announced on 25th April 2008 that a second batch of 21 F-15Ks, worth 2.3 billion USD, was ordered (this second batch would have originally contained 20 airframes, but it was increased by one to compensate for the airframe lost in 2006). The delivery was scheduled between 2010 and 2012. Unlike the first batch of F-15Ks, this second batch will be powered by Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 engines. 46 engines will be built by Samsung Techwin under license. South Korea added that P&W engines have commonality with its KF-16’s. It is a bit unusual to have different types of engines for the same aircraft type, but Pratt & Whitney offered better pricing, part production sharing, and warranty options. The F-15 Eagle has been the U.S. Air Force's primary fighter jet aircraft and intercept platform for decades. The Eagle's air superiority is achieved through a mixture of Want to know about the F-15 Eagle? Learn some important bullet point facts that help explain the value of this powerful fighter XF15 Fatbike

KJCLUB - KF-16에 F-15K가 패배??ww

PPC-F15B-BT. 15 Fanless Intel® Bay Trail Solution F-15E Strike Eagle. and Japan, where the aircraft was li-cense-built by Mitsubishi. South Ko-rea has also ordered the F-15K, while Singapore has opted for the closely. related F-15SG and Qatar for the even newer QA. Over 1,700 F-15s have been deliv-ered Download the latest drivers, firmware, and software for your HP Notebook - 15-f111dx (ENERGY STAR).This is HP's official website that will help automatically detect and download the correct drivers free of cost for your HP Computing and Printing products for Windows and Mac operating system The F-15X will have a 20,000 hour service life. Yes, you read that right, 20,000 hours—pretty much three times that of most fighters being produced around the globe. As such, a new F-15X can serve for roughly 80 years. When you spread the cost of the jet over all that flight time, it does appear to be a comparative bargain. 

The HUD projects all essential flight information gathered by the integrated avionics system. This display, visible in any light condition, provides the pilot information necessary to track and destroy an enemy aircraft without having to look down at cockpit instruments.[48] In support of the National Defense Strategy, the United States Air Force must purchase an additional 24 combat aircraft per year. F-15EX is the only way to rapidly and affordably meet the Air Force’s critical requirements. The last airframe of the first batch (of 40 airframes) has been delivered as agreed on 8th October 2008, during the Seoul Air Show. One airframe has been crashed due to pilot error (the pilot blacked out during a high-G maneuver) on 6th August 2006. The F-15K left Daegu Air Base at 19:42. The aircraft discharged simulated air-to-air weapons at 20:11 but, while manoeuvring to respond to an opponent’s attack, the crew sent a “knock it off” signal at an altitude of 11,000ft – the aircraft crashing 16 seconds later, at 20:12:19. Source f-15e.info

천년의 꿈, 주목 | 韓·中·日 ‘스텔스 삼국지’ - Daum 카페

The AN/APG-63 (V)1 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar fitted to the F-15K is equipped with air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities. The radar can track high-flying and low-flying targets, ground moving targets and sea surface targets. It provides high-resolution ground maps for identifying targets at long ranges.In April 2008, Boeing received a contract to deliver 21 F-15K aircraft to ROKAF under Next Fighter II programme. Boeing delivered the first six of 21 F-15Ks in 2010. Two more aircraft were delivered in April 2011. The ninth and tenth aircraft were delivered in June 2011. All the deliveries were concluded with the handover of final two aircraft to the ROKAF at Daegu Air Base in April 2012.The FLIR imagery, for terrain following, avoidance and navigation, is generated by a wide field of view FLIR sensor, sensor, mounted in the port LANTIRN navigation pod, together with the terrain following radar (TFR). The TFR is an advanced digital system which automatically controls its power output, both in direction and time (it will build up a terrain profile in its memory, store it, switch off and turn on again only when necessary to rebuild the profile), is frequency agile and can be configured for ground mapping. The frequency agility and silent on/off operation make it very difficult to detect. The second LANTIRN pod, starboard mounted, is termed the targeting pod. It contains a narrow field of view FLIR sensor, boresighted with a laser rangefinder/designator and importantly, in its later versions, an automatic target recogniser. Source ausairpower.net Army Shoot-Off Will Pit Israel's Iron Dome Against Foreign Competitors The Army announced its plans to purchase Iron Dome in February 2019 to comply with the fiscal 2019 NDAA.It's also worth noting that the cost of an aircraft's development—which in this case is nothing—and its 'flyaway price' tell just part of the fiscal story. New logistics chains, centralized sustainment facilities, training squadrons, the unique infrastructure required at every base a new fighter is stationed, program offices, operational test and tactics development, weapons integration, and so on are all extremely expensive but seldom discussed aspects of introducing a new fighter aircraft. The F-15X is specifically configured to require none of this. The recent precedent of the U.S. Navy placing substantial advanced Super Hornet orders—which can be at least partially attributed to the Trump administration's intent to spread the wealth around when it comes to Pentagon fighter procurement and its overall push for a larger defense budget—also gives additional credence to the F-15X concept. 

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